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Dead by Daylight Tournament!

nettydorkonettydorko Member Posts: 1

I posted on reddit last time and got a little uninspired as my friends and I tried our best to type up rules to be fair on both sides (survivor & killer) but got a lot of backlash on rules via killer side. But the entire event requires teams to play as both killer & survivor. Both my friends play as killer so I tried getting their perspectives and thought the rules were appropriate.. anyway, I'm hosting a DBD tournament on May 15th~ most of the prizes are coming out of my pocket and just wanted to host an unpopular event I can look forward to on my Twitch. This is actually the first tournament I'll be hosting.. so just hoping for the best! Hope you guys will sign up or be able to tune in on the event.


  • Fallenryan579Fallenryan579 Member Posts: 3

    Hey sounds super fun! My team is considering joining but we don't see the rules posted here? Thank so much, looking forward to hopefully attending!

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