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Stuttering when using controller and keyboard/mouse at the same time

noonespecialnoonespecial Member Posts: 5
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I'm aware that this might be a very rare problem because no one ever uses a controller and keyboard/mouse at the same time, right? Right. Except me. I usually play with my Xbox controller on PC, but since I suck at flashlight aiming I use to quickly grab my mouse in those situations. Same with struggling. I suck at bashing buttons on my controller so I use the keyboard—while moving the camera with the controller stick. With the new update, that causes awful stuttering. It seems like the keyboard/mouse input suddenly interrupts the controller input. Before the update, using both worked perfectly fine.

Is there any way to fix this at my end? Except getting better at aiming/struggling with my controller? Or is there any chance you could fix this?

Platform: PC; OS: Win 10


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,277

    I doubt this is gonna get looked into tbh. The game is designed for one control method or the other, not both.

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 28

    This has to be fixed, can't play the game otherwise :(

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,277

    On another thread, apparently it's being looked into.

    But seriously people, pick one or the other.

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 28

    Some people have to play like this cause of an disability.

    My problem is that i really can't handle and stand playing with Keyboard but controlling the camera with a controller is horrible (like aim with a Flashlight or with Hatches on controller, it's ridiculously).

    That's why Gamepad (instead of Keyboard) + Mouse is an awesome option. I really can't play this game anymore otherwise.

  • cricketscornercricketscorner Member Posts: 652

    I'm actually having the same issue lol

  • RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 507

    This post upsets me. People with disabilities use two different control methods simultaneously to play this game due to their condition.

  • zompzomp Member Posts: 12

    It worked fine before the last update so it really should be fixed. If not, I simply can't play anymore.

  • zompzomp Member Posts: 12

    I've been using the Gamepad+Mouse playstyle since day one. I've been playing this game since it's first release over five years ago. There has never been a problem using both up until the latest update.

  • BabyTumTumsBabyTumTums Member Posts: 4

    Its not about "picking one or the other" if you even touch your mouse say to use a push to talk feature perhaps it drops your fps to below 10 and this only started happening since the update. Its hilarious though that you're a mod saying something like that. Very fitting for how entitled and toxic this community is. But seriously BHVR can you just for once PLEASE release an update that doesn't BREAK THE GAME!!!

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,277

    Right, apparently it's being looked into.

    As for push to talk, you can use Joy2Key to bind your push to talk key to a controller input.

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 28

    Hey Guys, I found a method that helps a little bit against the stuttering.

    To make sure: this DOESN'T solve the Problem, it just helps to make the game a little bit playable again as Survivor.

    It seems that the game gets over the 60 FPS cap since the recent Update (you can see it in the menu on the campfire or in the symbol animations inside the Bloodweb).

    So if you have a Nvidia-Graphics Card you can lock the max. FPS-Cap to 60 FPS for DeadByDaylight.exe in Nvidia-Control-Panel.

    This helps against like 30% of the stuttering. Playing Survivor is with this method a little bit possible again. Playing Killer is still not.

    ~ Hope the Devs solve the Controller+Mouse-Bug and the Framerate-Bug soon, so the stuttering ends completely ~

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 28

    They haven't mentioned it in today's Patchnotes, great :/

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,277

    That's surprising. I would've thought that'd be high on the list.

  • MondhirschMondhirsch Member Posts: 28

    Yeah me too :( I'm so sad now.

  • RyuzakiRyuzaki Member Posts: 507
    edited May 4

    As taken from 4.7.0 patch notes:

    "Fixed an issue where performance drops could happen when having a gamepad plugged while using a keyboard and mouse."

    I'm still having issues :(...

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  • DevonC97DevonC97 Member Posts: 8

    I'm still having issues too :(

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,277

    Ok, so still not fixed. Will do some poking

  • disgustdisgust Member Posts: 3

    still a complete mess

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