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[Feedback on The Trickster]

-It feels like every game, I always need the Melodious Murder add-on (The USB stick) otherwise downing survivors with the Showstopper takes too long.

-Switching between Showstopper mode and normal attack mode has this delay that hinders the flow of the gameplay. I know this is the same thing for the huntress but the huntress need to throw only 1 hatchet, while as the Trickster needs to be fast when throwing.

-Main event is very clunky to use. like previous point there is a delay that you need to stop all your actions THEN activate main event.


  • YourNightmareYourNightmare Member Posts: 164

    My Feedback even though i don't think the developers are reading this forum.

    • Bad design (visually) that doesn't match the DbD universe
    • Boring weapon kit (throwing knifes)
    • No skill involved (i mean, just spam your knives, it's all you can do), for map control it's the same than other killers
    • It brings nothing new in the gameplay (as a killer but also as a survivor when you face him)

    Well, i guess BHVR should stop to release new killers for a while till they have new good ideas. I mean, the 3 months dead line to release each new killer is too short and apply some useless pressure to the development/design team, they feel forced to find an idea and i'm sure they are validating some "ideas" on the rush cause they have no choice.

    We clearly see it in the last updates they provided that are globally terrible...

  • edogastedogast Member Posts: 148

    More update. The Trickster is a joke..... but no seriously.

    Caged Heart Shoes should not be an add-on, it barely makes a difference he should be able to throw knives at walking speed

    Waiting for you watch / lucky blades : absolutely useless, people will always refill their blades BEFORE they run out. Even if you run out of knives during a chase, by the time you find a locker and refill your blades, the survivor are already long gone and that "extra time before decay starts" doesn't mean anything. This add-on is absolutely useless.

    Also the main event is clunky to use. You walk slower, you cannot control your aim as well, and the delay afterwards is way too long. It would be so much better if you walk faster during the main event.

    Overall The Trickster is a joke of a killer. Throwing knives are hard to hit when there are a million corners survivor can turn around. There is no map control, it takes too long to actually down a survivor with the throwing knives. Why not just M1 the survivors instead? The throwing knives are the main attraction of The Trickster and it sucks. BADLY. By the time you down someone with throwing knives, 4 Generators will already be done.

    I am willing to bet that The Trickster will have the lowest kill rate among other killers in some statistics

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