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Anyone else just not enjoying survivor anymore?

I don't know if it's just me or not but recently I feel like survivor just isn't fun anymore. With survivor it constantly feels like I'm having to deal with something extremely unfun whether it be stupid teammates, killers I hate going up against (Looking right at you Deathslinger), aggravating bugs (Like the most recent pallet bug which makes stunning killers borderline impossible), or people using really unfun strategies (Tunneling, Camping, etc.)

I've always been annoyed by these things but it feels like only in recent times that I've just been avoiding survivor and playing more killer. I still play survivor from time to time but 9.9 times out of 10 I won't have any fun in a match and instead be frustrated or bored. It really sucks because I enjoy looping and the whole team thing on the survivor side, but I just can't seem to get much enjoyment out of it.

Is anyone else just not enjoying survivor as much recently? Or is this just me taking the game too seriously?



  • onemindonemind Member Posts: 3,089
    edited April 2021

    Try some killer or a different game for a bit

    Edit I missed the I'm playing more killer part

  • nicnc82nicnc82 Member Posts: 351

    I switched to killer main about 6 months ago. Red rank killer. Actually enjoy it better. Dont camp, very rarely tunnel. I get 3 to 4ks most games but it doesn't bother me when I do get a 1 or 2k. Survivor was just not fun for me either anymore.

  • CrisbrainCrisbrain Member Posts: 10

    the reason why u r boring is that there is no more new good perks given to survivor too long since MoM.

    As a survivor u have no new power when new chapter release, all u getting is that u have to face a new powerful killer with their good perks.

    if new survivor perks are not good to use with the old perks got nerf (like DS). people will just feel like u

    also if u r a survivor main probably will not buy the new chapter

  • FrostySealFrostySeal Member Posts: 506

    Not really, but ignoring the passive aggressive comment I don't even escape most of my matches. Most of the time it will be matchmaking screwing things up like my last game where I as a rank 1 got matched up with a rank 11, 9, and 7 teammates or me just being an idiot and getting myself killed or sacrificing myself for someone.

    I dunno if you got the wrong idea but I'm not saying that survivor is a super hard role while killer is easy. I have frustrations on the killer side and enjoyment out the survivor side, the whole point of my post though is saying that I've just been having zero fun with survivor recently.

  • Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 2,109

    SWF stacks the deck so heavily it's unfair

  • FrostySealFrostySeal Member Posts: 506

    SWF are usually harder to beat than solo survivors, but just because some survivors are in a SWF doesn't instantly make them godlike or anything. Unless its a 4 or a 3 man that are pretty good at the game it won't be too much more harder to beat them, but hey it might just be because I mostly play good killers.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019

    dont worry, just take a day long break and the game will suddenly feel exciting again

  • FrostySealFrostySeal Member Posts: 506

    You've pretty much nailed it. Many people on both sides just take the game too seriously and as a result use painfully unfun tactics whether it be getting camped or tunneled or getting survivors who send you to Haddonfield and clicky clicky. Even when I SWF with my friends I still don't have any fun and get really frustrated after just 3 matches, if not just 2. I don't even care about escaping matches or not at this point, I just want a fair and fun game where I feel like I genuinely got outplayed by the killer or outplayed them.

    I still remember the most fun match I've had with solo survivor. It was on dead dawg saloon (My favorite map) against a good Blight (My favorite killer to go up against) with good teammates. The Blight didn't camp/tunnel/slug and was pretty nice in the end game chat and even managed to get a 3k with me barely escaping. I looped him, he outplayed me, just as it should be.

  • th3th3 Member Posts: 1,711

    I’m not enjoying having to run decisive to have an obsession in my games since the update. Even with the changes to decisive I’m still actually using it multiple matches in a row. It’s just not fun with everyone taking it so seriously.

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,858

    I played survivor a few days ago for the new tome challenges... it was going okay until a SWF used their comms to screw me over. That just soured me, and I haven't played since.

  • KellieKellie Member Posts: 1,328

    I'm starting to get bored of this game as well. And most teammates/killers I get are sub-par and aren't good yet somehow are red ranks.

  • DragonshensiDragonshensi Member Posts: 1,516

    Survivor is so boring to me honestly. It’s so easy and not stressful at all. Killer would be fun if it wasn’t the exact opposite. Killer is stressful and the deck is so stacked against you it’s silly.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,666

    Since survivors still have queues and killers get instant lobbies, I'd say it's pretty sure, that you're the only one who is not enjoyingit.

    But since you enjoy killer, please keep playing that role. We desperately need killers.

  • Shirtless_MyersShirtless_Myers Member Posts: 269

    Survivor is awful in solo when all your teammates are losers who farm you and refuse to bring Borrowed Time.

    Bonus points for when all three are camping the hook and not a one takes a protection hit.

  • TheClownIsKingTheClownIsKing Member Posts: 6,278

    I love it. I regularly change my play style, and experiment with perk load outs. So I hardly ever get bored. And when I do, I just switch to killer.

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,678

    I feel like the overall survivor experience has drastically gone down hill since the silent hill chapter. That's personally when survivor started becoming unbearable to me.

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,329

    Just turn crossplay off for pc, or use their discord swf, it makes for more consistent gameplay

  • ilovedbd123ilovedbd123 Member Posts: 1,942

    Hey there.

    I have 2.5k hours in game, playing maybe 60/40 killer/survivor closer to 50/50 with a slight favour on killer.

    This game is survivor sided at high levels of play (ranks don't determine skill).

    The fact that the killer needs the survivors to slip up means that they are constantly behind in high levels of play, as they struggle to power through and get that early hook.

    The viable killers at high levels of play are: blight, nurse, spirit, hag.

    The other killers can be used if mained, but you have to master them for them to be good.

    4 man swf are 6-7% of the gamebase.

    However 3 man are 17% and still have a massive advantage. So 23-24% have a massive advantage. That's 1/4, on top of that they are more prevalent at high levels of play.

    That's fair, the average player sucks after all.

    But when matchmaking is released you'll see how wrong you are.

  • FrostySealFrostySeal Member Posts: 506

    At the highest level of play, the game is survivor sided. I won't argue against that because it's a fact, but everywhere else its fair game. There are waaaaaay too many RNG elements to be able to pin point who the game favors consistently. I've had matches before where there are a total of 7 pallets on the map, and I've also been on the opposite side of that spectrum where the map has 25 pallets. Skill definitely comes into play but RNG is what ultimately decides who gets to win the match.

    It doesn't matter if your a god at the game if more than half the map is a deadzone or if the map has 4 long walls combined into shack combined into cow tree.

    And I've already had MMR experience with DBD, I got much more sweatier matches than I anticipated, especially with characters I played frequently like Blight, but guess what? I adapted, I used stronger builds and used stronger addons to level the playing field and bam, now the game is sort of fair, excluding the RNG.

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 13,581

    Not recently, been bored with Survivor for a year now.

  • CustomerServiceCustomerService Member Posts: 479

    Pretty much my experience. I have been taking longer and longer breaks each time, and last DLC I bought was... I can't even remember lol (I did buy auric cells for skins and unlocked all the characters though). Solo survivor is a nightmare, and killer has become so dumb and easy it's boring.

    I'm playing Home sweet home survive now.

  • ZaynZayn Member Posts: 365

    Solo Survivor isn't fun anymore. Hasn't been in a very long time.

  • YOURFRIENDYOURFRIEND Member Posts: 1,999

    Good. Go get on killer duty. I'll take your spot as a survivor

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,958

    Not really, not in a long time because if you are not in a really good SWF, then the chance of seeing the gates opened is as close to zero percent as it gets. Survivors have been nerfed way too much and killers have been buffed too much is the cause. Killer perks are way too oppressive. Survivors have very little to work with.

    There is very little hope when you spawn in the match. The only way to have fun is play for points and forget about the gates. Game is too killer sided.

  • ilovedbd123ilovedbd123 Member Posts: 1,942

    Well if you are at high levels of play, and your therefore with MMR implemented good killers would only be against good survivors.

    And at high levels of play (the thing that behaviour seem to be balancing for) the game isn't balanced, it's heavily one sided.

    Does that mean you can't win? No.

    Does that mean it's more difficult than usual, abso-#########-lutley.

  • malibu_barbie_26malibu_barbie_26 Member Posts: 26

    My mates and I have been feeling like this since Nemesis release. All of these secondary objectives plus gen blocking perks are getting very tired. I don’t want to do a puzzle box or get blown off a gen every hook state. There hasn’t been a baseline survivor buff in ages. Survivors still run the same, heal at the same rate, etc. With them constantly nerfing survivor perks (DS, BO, DH) and items (Keys, Hatch, Toolboxes) it’s no surprise the game has become boring. Survivors have less strategies while running progressively slower with more things to do in game to survive.

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