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Looking for some chilled and lovely people to play with

EvilhorstEvilhorst Member Posts: 19

I love this game and i have 700 hours in it.

Most of the time i play Killer (Rank 1), but i managed to get to Rank 3 as a survivor too. I am by no means a great survivor, but i do have my moments. I do not care if you are new to the game or an expert, i just really like playing this game with someone.

Beeing from middle europe my timezone is CET. I am more of a night person though.

Disclaimer: I suffer from Tourettes-Syndrome, which leads to me saying and doing stuff i rarely have any form of control over. My Tics trigger WAY less when playing a game or speaking english, but they do trigger. I want to be open about that, because it might be a problem for someone and the tics are not always easy to be recognized as such. If you do not mind that, then i would be happy to play with you :)


  • NickLy99NickLy99 Member Posts: 23

    I'm down to play.

    Discord: Nickly#9760

  • kwaziikittykwaziikitty Member Posts: 2

    I wanna play i am brand new tho i just got the game

    discord: Belle#4281

  • EvilhorstEvilhorst Member Posts: 19

    Great! I sent you both a request :)

  • LittleNancyLittleNancy Member Posts: 5

    If u r still interested, write me on steam : 493322631 :)

  • The_LegThe_Leg Member Posts: 7

    If you are still looking for a player, add me on disc #The_Leg#8810

  • KhaoticSnowKhaoticSnow Member Posts: 1

    Hi, discord here : Ai'dyn Snow#0260

  • HyrumDHyrumD Member Posts: 5
    edited April 30


    If you are still looking for a survivor to join the team, I’d be down to play!

    discord: Hyrum#6343

  • MidwestMidwest Member Posts: 4

    PS4/Crossplay enabled/mic


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