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Any killer and map ideas?

Just throwing out concepts and thinking about what could be fun, not being overly serious or expecting such things to happen. Here are some things I imagine could be fun, what about you guys?

  • THE THING. Killer: The Thing (duh). Survivor: Macready / Kurt Russell. Map: Arctic research station (half indoor half outdoor map. Light inside, dark outside. Snow everywhere). Extra thoughts: The monster's trick would be taking the form of another player, but with some subtle hints to give them away for those who pay attention (maybe they move strangely, twitch occasionally, etc). The survivor could have a perk that gives a 50 percent chance of revealing the killer's identity to all survivors if he sees their blood trail or heals them.

  • THE DUMMY. Killer: A humanlike but obviously fake (yet still ambulatory!) dummy. It could be something horrific or, in my opinion, creepier if it resembled something like "Fats" from the underrated Anthony Hopkins drama-thriller "Magic". It wouldn't be as small as Victor, but wouldn't be as tall as Amanda. Whether he came with a ventriloquist would be up to the devs though I'd say no, it's not necessary (and too similar to The Twins). Not really sure what his powers could be, any ideas? Maybe something about being able to throw his voice and make the players think he's close when he isn't, thus revealing their presence? Something involving marionette strings? Perks, maps and a potential survivor would be up in the air.

  • CHILD'S PLAY. Speaking of dummies, the survivor could be Charles Lee Ray who has a voodoo power that he can activate if he finds one of several Good Guy dolls scattered about the map. As himself he's tall and wearing dark clothes, as the Good Guy doll he would be much smaller but wearing very bright clothes. Players wouldn't know who to look out for. The survivor could be Andy, main survivor of the franchise. Map: A giant toy store or, more ideally, the massive Good Guy warehouse from the second film. I know we already have a warehouse but the one in CP2 is shown as being full of tall, narrow, all but identical corridors, with a giant wide open area full of loud machinery and conveyor belts.

  • THE GREY. Probably way too farfetched / out of place for most people, I know. Again, I'm just throwing out things that I myself would find fun, and the concept of alien greys creep me out. The killer: An alien grey, yellowish or pale or grayish in color with the now well-recognized large head and dark eyes, skinny build, etc. It's power could revolve around telepathy, fear, able to cause players to lose their minds and mess up objective tasks. It could also possibly use its telepathic powers to slowly reduce your health state if nearby (harkening to stories of aliens supposedly mutilating cattle and draining their blood with surgical precision). Something could maybe be done with a UFO that quietly passes over the map from time to time. The map itself would be a rural area, maybe a small neighborhood (but larger than Haddonfield, there would be multiple streets) at night. It could also be a farm, as in an actual farmhouse with a largely open field on one end and thick forest on the other. Betty or Barney Hill types could be cool survivors - a middle-aged mixed marriage couple.

  • THE LONER. Killer: An older, off the grid, paranoid anti-government human male. Survivor: Federal agent / SWAT. Map: HEAVILY forested mountainous terrain with lots of blind hills, a shooting range, and a small clearing that contains the small log cabin in which the killer resides. His powers could be different types of camouflage and traps, a sneaky killer.

  • THE PROPHET. Going from Ruby Ridge to Jonestown, the killer would be a cult leader. Normal looking or robed wiry-haired crazed lunatic human. His powers would revolve around seduction and deception, doing things that mess with your mind like lowering your defense, causing you to drop and disable your carried items (donation) or drawing you in with false promises (fake generators, etc). His map could either be a huge indoor disaster prep house, underground bunker (probably too much like Hawkins) or, my favorite, a vast outdoor location in a remote-looking area with lots and lots of tents as well as a large single-floor steeple.

  • THE INFECTED. Killer: A rage-filled human being (no, the killers in 28 Days Later are NOT zombies despite what even the movie's own dvd box claims) that runs extremely fast, is viciously aggressive, and is driven only by the desire to attack any living thing. In a perfect world I think it would be awesome if the killer's only power was to attack and therefore infect other players, thus making THEM additional killers. I know that the game doesn't work that way, the infrastructure to accommodate this mechanic would be a mess, and it would cause all kinds of balance issues. In the lore of 28 Days Later there is no medical cure for infection, so I'm not sure what the counterplay would be. Maybe if the player chose NOT to become the killer they could, after becoming infected, sacrifice a health state to remain normal, thus implying that they cut off the infected skin before it was too late? In the film infection takes place within seconds, so there could be a challenge there, and I like the idea of a chaotic match where the number of survivors and killers keep swapping places. Again, I know, unrealistic. Just sounds fun. The map would be the militarily-fortified mansion from the end of the film. The survivor could be Jum or Selena, one of the two main leads. Terror radius transitioning into chase music would be "In a House, in a Heartbeat" because that would not only be accurate to the film but also just plain badass. :D

Thanks for reading (if you did, lol). What are some of your own ideas? What kind of killers, maps, or themes would you enjoy seeing in a game like this?


  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    The Femme Fatal: A deadly woman that poisoned and killed her coworkers and charges. She was a lowly slave/prostitute captured during an invasion of Korea that used her skills in the art of seduction and pleasure to rise in rank, eventually being able to gain enough influence in her brothel to live a lavish life, however still looked down upon by her peers. Until she fell in love with a Portuguese sailor and was left in the dust pregnant; completely abandoned and now without her ability to pleasure, she was destitute. The event sparked her fall back to square one, this time with no hope of escape and the more heated torment of her betters and clients. In a fit of rage after the usual torment of her superior, she killed the owner of the brothel, and from then on, began poisoning all that entered. Finally, when she was caught she was stripped of everything else she had and beheaded with only her last possession being a family heirloom hand mirror, now stain with her blood. In the entity’s realm, she has the ability to create mirrors where reflections of herself and nearby survivors are made. She can attack there reflections or use her own reflection to attack survivors. She also has an ability where she can gain an aerial view of the map to be see and use the reflections (since all killers see in first person) and to teleport to any reflections of herself.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    I like the thought you put into this. What would her map be? A brothel would be awesome!

  • Shymare_11Shymare_11 Member Posts: 494

    Yep to be more specific a group of them along the red light district, it would have the corpses of fellow prostitutes, clients, and various other things found in brothels (like opium and tobacco).

  • GlamourousLeviathanGlamourousLeviathan Member Posts: 790

    I did a concept for a Bloodborne chapter using Orphan of Kos as the killer, a NPC as the Survivor and the Fishing Hamlet as the map.

    Here is the link if you are interested: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/216928/bloodborne-chapter-idea-spoilers-ahead#latest

  • HaddixHaddix Member Posts: 901
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    The Abductor


    Start the trial on the Grappler, a customized motorcycle made for violent kidnappings. While below 2 Speed Tokens, Press the Active Ability button to get off the Grappler. Press the Active Ability button while next to the Grappler to get on and control it.

    • Driving the Grappler:

    Drive at a high movement speed that accelerates by accumulating Speed Tokens as the Grappler is driven without making any action that decreases them. Activate the Brake by holding the Interaction Button, decreasing Speed Tokens (-1 per second) for as long as the Brake is activated. While Braking, turning left or right with at least 2 Speed Tokens accumulated will cause the Grappler to Drift. Driving through Pallets and Breakable walls instantly destroys them.

    Colliding with a wall or obstacle while driving will briefly halt movement and consume two Speed Tokens.

    (Maximum of 8 Speed Tokens. Each Speed Token boosts the Grappler's movement speed by 20%, aka 0.8m/s, on top of the initial speed at 0 tokens, which is 115%, aka 4.6m/s. Speed Tokens are accumulated at a rate of 0.5 tokens per second of driving without the action of anything that consumes Speed Tokens. For reference, the default Killer walking speed is 115% or 4.6m/s.)

    • SPECIAL ABILITY: Grapple

    While riding the Grappler, Press the Power Button to launch a Grapple in the direction that you are facing to capture a Survivor, allowing them to be forcibly dragged by the Grappler. While a Survivor is grappled, perform a Drift while at least 4 Speed Tokens are accumulated to violently swing them forward. If the grappled Survivor is swung into a wall or obstacle, they will instantly be put into the Dying State. If the grappled Survivor does not collide with a wall or obstacle during the Drift, they are released from the grapple.

    If the Grappler collides with a Survivor while at least 3 Speed Tokens have been accumulated, they will be grappled automatically. While a Survivor is grappled, they may struggle and release themselves after some time if they have not been damaged (15 seconds). Using the Grapple will always incur a penalty of decreasing the current amount of accumulated Speed Tokens (-2 Tokens). Missing the Grapple will incur an additional penalty of a 10-second cooldown.

    Colliding with another Survivor while a Survivor is already grappled will instantly release the currently grappled Survivor and grapple the one collided with.

    • SPECIAL ABILITY: Self Destruct

    While riding the Grappler, holding the Active Ability button while having at least 3 Speed Tokens accumulated will activate Self Destruct. While Self Destruct is activated, the Grappler is set to detonate within 5 seconds or upon colliding with a wall or obstacle. Press the Active Ability button again during this time to quickly jump off of the Grappler, sending it directly forward at its current speed.

    Any Survivor within a 10-meter radius of the detonation is knocked back and stunned for a short duration (6 seconds). If The Abductor is within a 3.5-meter radius of the detonation, he is stunned as well. Hitting a survivor with a Basic Attack will damage them normally and remove the stun.

    The Grappler is regenerated at any of the five parking spots located throughout the trial grounds after a short time (15 seconds).

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  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Aw come on, no one else had any ideas that they'd like to share? I had fun reading these.

  • WishIcouldmainWishIcouldmain Member Posts: 3,940
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    Same would also like The Thing would like it to be a mega chapter also coming with Kate Lloyd and Thule station.

  • jaredlxxiiijaredlxxiii Member Posts: 621
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    The Overlook Hotel from The Shinning(Kubrick's Version) with two possible maps. One being the interior of the Hotel and the second featuring the Maze.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    I definitely thought of The Shining for sure. The hedge maze (not in the book but doesn't really matter) and the hotel interior could make for an absolutely amazing map. Weird apparitions, room 237, a crazed alcoholic killer with an axe (or mallet). Lots of potential there. I figured that such a thing would be highly unlikely to secure the rights to but I also listed other unlikely ideas, don't know why I held back on this one.

  • Lochnload_exeLochnload_exe Member Posts: 1,255

    The Mountaineer

    The Mountaineer has a chilling effect that affects survivors over time with his abilities, slowing and posing threats if they do not keep working and staying active.

    Chilly (Freezing level 1)

    • Survivors breath more audibly

    Cold (Freezing level 2)

    • Survivors breath much louder
    • breath is visible (can be seen if they are in lockers)
    • Performing slow actions are 25% slower

    Freezing (Freezing level 3)

    • Survivors breath much louder and breath is visible (same as level 2)
    • Survivors now have cold fog surrounding their feet, which has a small trail, sort of like torment, but lingers a little longer helping with tracking
    • Survivors crouching and walking speed 5% slower, running unaffected

    Frostbite (Freezing level 4 MAX)

    • Same effects as level 3
    • Survivors will bMountain Chill:
    • ecome injured if you walk, crouch, or stand still for longer than 6 seconds (Running For 3 seconds will reset this, and healing or working gonna gen will not count this, but won't reset timer, simply pause it)
    • Gen and healing speeds are reduced by 15%

    In order to clear up your freezing, there are small bundles of fire, Warming Fires, around the map, similar to plague, which has a cleanse action. Takes 30 seconds to fully cleanse and warm yourself. You don't have to fully finish, the 30 seconds is simply from frostbite to 0 cold, you can decide to do it for less, but still keep some of your freezing.

    Special Ability: Slippery Path

    Press and hold the Power button to charge up and release an attack forward on the ground in front of The Mountaineer. This attack will freeze the ground, making it a shiny light blue ice. Survivors walking on the path will slowly rise in the amount of Freezing, and also slide, making corners and tight turns much harder to run, and the character has way less control. This path stays on the ground for 6 seconds. Staying on the path for a total of 12 seconds will increase their level of Freezing. This attack is 8 meters long, and 4 meters across. Can only have 1 path active at once. Charge takes .3 seconds before release

    Passive Ability: Painful Winds

    Every 30 seconds, the winds of the dark blizzard move onto the map. This blizzard lasts 40 seconds and once it ends, the timer before it comes again begins. This blizzard covers the entire map, making it look snowy and white like the Nightmare's vision but for everyone. Inside of the blizzard, the survivors will slowly gain Freeze, gaining 2 levels of Freeze, and they also have reduced vision, only being able to see 16 meters ahead of them. This blizzard will also lower The Mountaineer's terror radius down to 28 meters, from 36 meters. Survivors standing within 6 meters of Warming Fires will not gain Freeze.

    This is my idea, I have a whole document with lore and perks as well

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,220

    I had a concept for 'The Grey' alien killer, and I don't think he would even need a new map. He'd fit right in on Coldwind.

    Killer: The Grey

    Height: Tall

    Terror Radius: Small

    Speed: 4.6m/s (115%)

    Power: Capture

    Hold down the power button to begin Capture. The Grey holds out its hand, seemingly communicating with some entity far above through telepathic means. A bright beam of light from above appears in front of it, with a 2-meter radius, and slowly moves forward, further away from the Grey’s relative position at a speed of 2m/s, up to a maximum distance of 12 meters.

    Release the power button to finish Capture, if the beam is directly on a survivor, it locks onto them and they are frozen in place for 2.5 seconds. If the survivor is standing perfectly still when hit by the beam of light, they are only frozen for 0.5 seconds.

    While Capture is active, your movement speed is decreased to 3.6m/s (90%)

    This power has a long cooldown if successfully freezing a survivor, and a short cooldown if it fails to reach a survivor.

    Secondary Power: Abduction

    Using the secondary power button when a Survivor is frozen in a beam of light, will abduct that survivor and send them to a distant point on the map. They will be inflicted with Blindness for 30 seconds, if injured they will be inflicted with Broken for 30 seconds, and you will see their aura for 6 seconds. From the perspective of the Abducted survivor, other survivors will briefly appear to them in the form of The Grey while they suffer from Oblivious.

    Additional Effect: Abducting an Injured survivor who is still suffering from Oblivious following a previous Abduction, will instead send them to Suspension Beam on the opposite side of the map. They will need to be rescued by another survivor, otherwise they will be sacrificed to the Entity.


    Interference: Survivors working on gens within your terror radius are inflicted with Oblivious for 2/3/4 seconds. If they stop repairing during this time, that generator starts automatically regressing at 50%/75%/100% of normal regression speed.

    Painted Target: When a survivor is rescued from the hook, if you are 32/28/24 meters away from the hook, you see all other survivors’ auras for 2/3/4 seconds. This has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

    Plausible Deniability: Survivors hit with your basic attack become cursed for 30 seconds. Any survivors who come within 4/8/12 meters of the cursed survivor are inflicted with Oblivious.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    These are really interesting. Lots of fun to read. And I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that an alien could be cool. I feel that most players would roll their eyes at the concept (of an alien I mean) - like the Indiana Jones films, there seems to be a line that shouldn't be crossed between the supernatural and the extraterrestrial, but I know that it would creep ME out anyway.

    And yeah, Coldwind farm would definitely serve as a perfectly decent map for him, as would Hawkins. I guess from reading all kinds of alleged alien stories I have a very particular kind of farm and deep forest layout in my head. Something like the Kelley-Hopkinsville encounter, for those who are familiar (something from the sky crashing in a forest adjacent to a farmhouse, then creatures emerging from the woods to threaten the farmhouse's inhabitants, for those who aren't). The basis for E.T., if one can imagine that.

    Or Travis Walton / Fire in the Sky. Hell, even the Hills who I mentioned earlier. Something that has not just spotted trees here and there, but the kind of deep dark forest that you could actually get lost in. Canopies and all that. Just something I'd like to see, anyway.

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,395

    Shipwreck - Pirate Killer

    Dark Cave with little lighting - Some kind of creature

    Castle Ruins - Ghost/Demonic Knight

    Eqypt/Oasis - Mummy

  • valvarez4valvarez4 Member Posts: 868
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    I have another killer idea: the mirror. An m1 killer that can press m2 and he is seen as another surv, but he moves at the same speed as survs. This way he can get the first hit or catch survs when they’re working on a gen or healing. Could be very funny

    edit: I see it was your idea too

  • FirelliusFirellius Member Posts: 2,106

    I was considering a Little Nightmares chapter, featuring the Schoolyard from the pale city (LN2) as the new map, The Lady (LN1) as the killer, and Mono (LN2) as the survivor.

    For the Lady, the best idea I have for a power is 'Eyes of the Maw'. Slowing her down to a walking speed while all survivors within range and LoS accumulate petrification, which gradually slows them down. If the survivor gets fully petrified, they are unable to move for a few seconds.

    For Mono, my perk ideas are 'Signal Hijack', 'Hey!' and 'Static Noise'. Signal Hijack would allow Mono to see the auras of any survivors within a certain range from destroyed totems, while also giving him the ability to read the killer's aura whenever he destroys a totem. 'Hey!' makes Mono's aura visible to allied survivors when pointing or beckoning, coupled with a little audio cue. 'Static Noise' would activate when Mono is on the hook, and causes the killer to build up 'Static' over time as long as they are near the hook and not in a chase. Static would deafen them at first, then gradually build up to a blind effect, and they can only get rid of Static by leaving the active radius of Static Noise.

  • zombitehdeathzombitehdeath Member Posts: 587

    Distorted plains (realm)

    “The entity seems to be disturb by some mysterious force, disrupting the realm which clash onto each other creating something similar yet foreign, interesting ” observer

    This realm will have maps that merge together which create something new.


    Vigo's bottle of distorted energy:

    moderately increase the chance of having the map distorted (it can be mixed by using the map offerings)

    The entity stables cell:

    moderately decrease the chance of having the map distorted

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,790

    Silent Hill 4: The Room.

    Walter Sullivan could be a killer who could resurrect fallen survivors or summon ghosts that give a status effect that acts as a bleed-out when within a certain distance from survivors. There could be a mini game where survivors could retrieve swords to pin down these ghosts. Could be fun!

    As for a map, the apartment complex could introduce a map with more than 2 floors, and the artwork would be excellent!

    The Magnus Archives

    There are so many options for killers! Jane Prentiss, who uses maggots as ways of slowing people down or injuring others; NotThem, a creature able to take other forms of survivors, but look not quite right; Simon Fairchild, who can send survivors to a plain or near-emptiness, or temporarily remove obstacles, making for a sparse map; Annabelle Cane, who can take temporary control or manipulate certain actions or survivors; The Distortion, which again can trap survivors in another realm that is like a confusing maze.

    As for maps, the nightmare realms are perfect - a garden of plants that are distorted humans; a post-apocalyptic landscape of detritus and garbage; a city section full of fleshy surveilance cameras ... lots of creative areas.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,634

    Keep in mind there is practically a whole forum section dedicated to own creations like these (and I would have liked more feedback there on my concepts..)


  • LethalPugyLethalPugy Member Posts: 493

    Chapter name : Love and Hate

    Their lore : 

    Jamie and Alec had always been close, since childhood as best friends, eventually the friendship turned to more of a love. As they fell for each other. Jamie followed his dreams of being an internet star, and Alec backed him up thoroughly by getting a job at the local iron works.

    When Jamie went to surprise Alec at his work a terrible accident happened, as a container of steel poles were dropped and impaled Jamie. As many of the other works started on horror Alec ran to Jamie, as he got down a thick fog warped around them. Bystanders in shock.

    The entity made a deal with Alec, for aslong as he would do its bidding Jamie would get to live.   He agreed and kills out of fear for what’ll happen to his love.


    Jamie Wood


    Your boosted health from the entity has given you more strength than before. 

    When you pallet stun the killer the stun lasts 2/3/4 seconds longer.

    Revealing your aura to the killer for 20/15/10 seconds.

    Connection has a cool down of 60/50/40

    Easy Target

    People usually underestimate you and you use it to your advantage to get ahead

    Easy target makes killers missed attacks when in a chase with you take twice as long to recover from. 

    When hit, you gain an injured speed boost for 1/2/3 more seconds than usual.

    Your scratch marks last 6/5/4 seconds longer than usual.


    You know how to use the environment to your advantage. After fast vaulting a pallet. You deem it unbreakable for 10/15/20 seconds.

    While the pallet is blocked you suffer from the exposed status effect, as well as your aura being revealed.

    Trapped has a cool down of 60/50/40


    Alec Hansen

    The scrapper

    Power : Trusty Hammer

    Start the trail with 30 scraps.

    Use 10 scraps to block a generator, and force the survivors to dismantle.

    Use 5 scraps to block a totem.

    Use 5 scraps on windows to create spikes,if fast vaulting before broken, the survivor become injured, if already injured deep wounds is applied.

    Use 5 scraps on an upright pallet to block it from being dropped, requiring the scraps to be broken first.

    Gain 5 Scraps by breaking pallets


    You get angry at what your life could’ve been, and break the entity’s rules.

    After getting stunned by a pallet all other other survivors have their aura revealed to you for 4/5/6 seconds and suffer from the exposed status effect for 20/30/40 seconds.

    Heartbroken has a cool down of 80/70/60 seconds.

    True sight

    You notice small details others are too careless to notice.

    When picking up a survivor, see all scratch marks in a 46/52/58 metres.

    All survivors in the radius are slowed by 3/5/7%.

    True sight is active for as long as the survivor is being carried.

    True sight has a cool down for 60/50/40 seconds.

    Repressed anger

    Your previous life was filled with stress you couldn’t release. Now seems like the perfect time.

    When survivors escape from a chase with you. They suffer from exhaustion for 20/30/40 seconds.

    Repressed anger’s exhaustion stacks with exhaustion from exhaustion perks.


    Alec stabs the survivor in the back with a steel pole similar to the ones used on Jamie. Lift them up. As they slide down the pole. Look him in the eye. And he then hits them with his hammer. Alec then takes the pole all the way from their body and puts it back where it was before.

    -Lil details

    •If the tech was there Alecs mori on Jamie would be different. Maybe a hit to the head first so he doesn’t feel anything. Or a touch on the forehead after he’s dead. Something to show the humanity of Alec.

    •Alec would do a bit of a laugh after hooking a survivor, if it was Jamie though, he’d just sigh.

    •Jamie’s campfire sitting animation. Could be feeling his wounds. Or looking of into the trees to see try and see Alec.

    Tell me what you think i guess.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Oh, I didn't know that there was a thread for this exact type of thing. If the mods see this, feel free to move this topic there. Thanks for letting me know. I must be slipping in my old age, lol.

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