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Should Perk Tiers Be Removed?

icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 138

This is a question that has been lingering in my head for a while and wanted to get the community's thoughts. Maybe with this poll, something could change. I personally believe perk tiers should be removed. It can significantly decrease the grind and can make a lot of the player base happy. With this, you would only have to unlock each perk once and they would be at tier 3 from the start.

Should Perk Tiers Be Removed? 96 votes

Yes, perk tiers should be removed.
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No, perks should have 3 tiers.
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  • KirkyladKirkylad Member Posts: 1,928
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    It's a great idea and I'd love it but the devs like the grind because they feel it keeps people playing, which is right to a point.

    Id like to see a change to prestige, so for example if you p2 a character all the perks you have unlocked start at tier 2 and p3 they can be unlocked at tier 3.

    This would help with the huge grind in this game without massively impacting it to the point where you get everything to quickly.

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,019
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    i dont like having to grind 150 bloodwebs just for a decent build.

  • GibberishGibberish Member Posts: 802
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    Literally has no good reason to exist except to bloat the game with more grinding.

  • DicklayciaDicklaycia Member Posts: 147
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    I think perk tiers are just an outdated way of artificially inflating the grind back when there weren’t as many perks. Now that there are well over a hundred perks, the grind should really be adjusted to compensate.

  • ItzZane_ItzZane_ Member Posts: 910
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    It took me 5 whole ######### months to get feng to P3 and all the perks on her and now i have to grind to get yunjin's 3 perks ;-;

  • elpohelpoh Member Posts: 222
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    and will be nice if the game return us the bloodpoints from every lv1/2 tier perks

    the mayority of the people can't even use the bloodpoints to search good items/addons/offerings because first want to prestige every character and unlock a decent build on them

    i have 6K hours, and i have everybody at P3 with all perks, but then if i look at addons i have less than 5 ultrarare addons on every killer.... and i don't want search more, because im leveling up the Trickster aka the Depipster

  • Vyne456Vyne456 Member Posts: 598
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    I think that other perks should not have any perk tiers. You know why? it's like Starstruck that has perk tiers and if it's haddonfield. then that would be OP.

  • gilgamergilgamer Member Posts: 1,658
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    i'd accept either change

  • bowobowo Member Posts: 121
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    I'd rather perk tiers be removed completely, but if for some reason that's a no, this idea would be great

  • DwightFairfieldDwightFairfield Member Posts: 1,241
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    anything is better, any solution, is better than the insufferable grind we deal with these tiers

  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,047
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    There are sooo many perks, now, that using perk tiers to inflate the grind is just disgusting. It's not even about getting tier 3 of the perk, it's just stupidly frustrating trying to get tier 1 of a damn perk because of how many freaking perks there are and it's all dependent on RNG.

    Shoving millions of Bloodpoints into the Bloodwebs and still not unlocking the perk you want is really, really frustrating.

    Future perks shouldn't have tiers. If the devs want to keep tiers for the current perks, they could put only tier 1 in the Bloodwebs and then let the player use BP to tier-up that specific perk.

  • DistortedDreamDistortedDream Member Posts: 670
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    Anything to reduce the awful grind.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,206
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    Yes, 3 tiers is unnecessary especially since you can't choose which tier you want to use.

  • maaadinsomniacmaaadinsomniac Member Posts: 440
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    After 5 years I'm for YES, there are too many perks, Survs are almost at 100 and Kills are just behind with ridiculous amount of perks.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 1,812
    edited May 2021
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    The grind sucks, and it grows by 4.5 bloodwebs every chapter release on each side for each character.

    Removing perk tiers means they no longer limit design space, ie. you don't need a scaling affect anymore while also reducing the grind and the rate at which it grows in 1/3

  • IAmShadowZzzIAmShadowZzz Member Posts: 42
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    For a long time tiers were a good idea, and worked really well. But with all the perks in the game now it makes it way too hard to get tier 3 of one specific perk. I've had countless times where I had to spend 700,000 blood points or more just to get the perk that I wanted. Makes it way too hard to have a decent build. You just get stuck with a bunch of crap that you don't want.

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,310
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    I know this post is old but it's always good to give posts like these attention to see what the players think about outdated stuff like that.

    Anyways yes, perk tiers are no longer necessary and should be removed. It'd be a wonderful start of reducing the game's grind.

    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.


  • NebulaNebula Member Posts: 452
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    They either need to remove them or make bloodhunts way more common

  • fogdonkeyfogdonkey Member Posts: 1,042
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    Won't miss them

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,528
    Yes, perk tiers should be removed.

    Tiers had a sense when there were few characters and few perks, but now that the difference between tiers is minimal in most of the cases, and the roaster of characters has become so huge (and is still expanding), there's no point anymore to keep them.

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