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Good news, everyone! We’ve prepared some changes to The Trickster in time for the 4.6.1 Bugfix Patch. Our goals with these changes are to make him feel better to play, as well as giving him a slight boost in power without feeling oppressive to play against.

Keep Up

  • Increased movement speed while throwing knives from 3.68 -> 2.68m/s to 3.86 -> 3.68m/s
  • Increased Main Event movement speed to 3.86m/s
  • Decreased Killing Part Chords & Caged Heart Shoes effects respectively

To help The Trickster keep up during a chase, we’ve increased both his maximum and minimum movement speed while throwing knives. The speed penalty from throwing multiple knives is now significantly lower than before. This allows you to lose less ground while using your power and land more knives before losing sight of the Survivor.

Draw Faster

  • Decreased wind up time (readying knives) from 0.5 seconds to 0.35 seconds
  • Increased wind down grace period from 1 second to 1.25 seconds

To make his power feel more fluid, we’ve decreased the time it takes to ready his power. This will both feel better to use and give you a larger window to throw knives. As you’ll be able to keep up much better than before, the grace period before you can do a basic attack after cancelling your power has been increased slightly.

More Control

  • Removed spread on thrown knives
  • Greatly decreased recoil

Initially, The Trickster launched with both spread (random inaccuracy to each knife thrown) and recoil. As landing multiple hits on a sporadically moving Survivor can be a challenge on its own, we’ve removed spread and significantly decreased recoil. This will give you much more control and make your accuracy more dependent on your own skill.

Miscellaneous Changes

Finally, rounding off the list with some various but still notable changes:

  • Increased the initial Laceration decay timer from 15 seconds to 20 seconds: This gives you a longer window to follow up with additional blades before the Laceration meter decreases
  • Decreased post-Main Event cooldown from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Iridescent Photocard can now injure Survivors

All of the changes listed above are planned for the 4.6.1 Bugfix Patch. Thank you to everyone who left us constructive feedback. As we’ve done with other Killers, we’ll be monitoring The Trickster’s performance and making further updates if necessary in a later update.

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