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Possible Quality of Life Improvements for the game's grind? (The Grind Cube)


The purpose of the following suggested changes is to help reduce the grind for all players, resulting in making many players happy. The Grind Cube would feature 6 quality of life updates to help reduce the grind in ways that I believe would be acceptable. This concept of adding changes to things was also done in previous projects done by the devs such as ‘The Victory Cube’ and ‘The Wraith Cube’. Let’s begin.

Change #1: Perk Tier Removal

This first change would remove tiers from ALL perks. Players would no longer need to go through bloodweb after bloodweb trying to complete their builds on their character and instead only need to unlock perks once. There are currently 89 survivor perks and 81 killer perks, all having 3 separate tiers to go through until reaching the perk’s strongest form. Therefore, players actually need to unlock a total of 267 perks for survivors and 243 perks for killers in order to unlock all perks for good on a certain character. Doing this change would only leave players having to unlock the game’s current and final tiered version of every perk, the third tier. This would significantly reduce the grind and I believe many players would be on board with this change.

Change #2: Bloodweb Cost Reduction

The second change would reduce the cost of every available thing in the bloodweb by a slight amount, whether it be perks, items, addons, or offerings. To be more specific, below are the adjusted prices:

  • Anything that is Ultra Rare Rarity is now 6,000 bloodpoints instead of 7,000.
  • Anything that is Very Rare Rarity is now 5,000 bloodpoints instead of 6,000.
  • Anything that is Rare Rarity is now 4,000 bloodpoints instead of 5,000.
  • Anything that is Uncommon Rarity is now 3,000 bloodpoints instead of 4,000.
  • Anything that is Common Rarity is now 2,000 bloodpoints instead of 3,000.

Although it may not seem like a significant change at first, I do believe the change would be significant. However, the drawbacks are more evident here as it would be easier for players to prestige as well as possibly obtaining strong items, something the devs may not want to do.

Change #3: The Return of Big Daily Rituals, More Daily Rituals, and Daily Rituals Quality of Life

The third change will bring back big daily rituals that can reward up to 150,000 bloodpoints at the cost of needing to do more to earn it as well as adding an additional 2 daily rituals available to players. Also, players will now be able to set their preference as to which daily rituals they would prefer to receive by hitting a button that gives them a new survivor daily ritual or killer daily ritual, further improving the quality of life for daily rituals. Because of this, however, players will still be restricted to only recycling one daily ritual per day.

Change #4: New Selling Mechanic and more

The fourth change will add a new option on the menu that allows players to visit a character called The Merchant. The Merchant will allow players to select characters and will allow them to sell any perks, items, addons, or offerings that the player does not want. However, there is a catch. The higher rarity for the item, the more bloodpoints the player will receive for selling them but the lower the rarity, the less bloodpoints they will receive. The following is the criteria for how much players would receive if they choose to sell their things:

  • Common Rarity: 500 bloodpoints
  • Uncommon Rarity: 1,500 bloodpoints
  • Rare Rarity: 4,000 bloodpoints 
  • Very Rare Rarity: 10,000 bloodpoints
  • Ultra Rare Rarity: 30,000 bloodpoints
  • Event Rarity: ???

Doing this will further reduce the grind by allowing players to obtain more bloodpoints and can even introduce a new lore character to the game, allowing the devs to take time introducing The Merchant in The Archives. However, this also entails some risk in allowing players to cash in all of their things before prestige, removing an element of prestige as a result. Despite that fact, I still like this idea and think it would be a neat addition.

Change #5: New Offering: Iridescent Party Streamers

This change would be added in to celebrate Dead By Daylight’s 5th Year Anniversary and functions just like the Bloody party Streamers, but offers 150% bonus bloodpoints instead of the traditional 100%. I did some math a while back and found that if all 5 players in a match would use this offering and if the value was 200%, then the maximum amount of points possible would be 640,000 bloodpoints, a value that could cause players to farm instead of playing the game. Because, I figured it would probably be a better idea to restrict the bloodpoint bonus to 150% to decrease the incentive to farm, but still be an impactful offering.

Change #6: Devotion Level Bloodpoint Bonus 

The final change grants a 1% bonus bloodpoints to all actions for each devotion level acquired. Although this may seem like a pathetic amount, you gain a PERMANENT increase in bloodpoint gains for each devotion level you earn and rewards players for playing the game, something I believe the devs want. It may not seem like much at first, but in the long run, it will be worth it to keep increasing your devotion level.


Even if only one change from here gets picked, I still believe it would be a great change. However, if all six changes were to be made, imagine how many people would be happier knowing that the game’s grind is significantly reduced. I know that other things might need to be adjusted like bloodpoint caps and more incentive to increase one’s devotion level, but it's a start. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading,


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