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Unable to finish the rift with those FPS issues

I paid for the rift, I'm at the last page. Can't even finish it because every game is unplayable due to low FPS and high stuttering since update.

Many people made threads about these issues. When will it be aknowledged ? Many of us can't even play during this update nor even complete the challenges.

It's one thing to make buffs, changes and whatnot to the game.. but if some of us can't even experience the game in the first place..

I had to stop playing DBD because of that issue. My game was perfectly fine before 4.6.0.


  • PrivateEADPrivateEAD Member Posts: 7
    edited April 2021

    I didn't have any issues before the 4.6.0 update. I was able to play at 100% resolution at low graphic with no problems!

    After the patch, I can't even play low and 65% without it starting to stutter heavily.

    R9 270x

    16 gb RAM

    i7 4770h

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  • Nyaren_ChanNyaren_Chan Member Posts: 236
    edited April 2021

    It's been like a week, they still didn't acknowledge the issue. I'm starting to feel nobody cares even though it is a relevant issue. Our game was working perfectly well prior to the update and now it's unplayable..

    EDIT: Things are much better by massively lowering the resolution. There are still minor stutters but it's not as bad. Though I hope the issue will be solved soon! Reworked maps are still unplayable however.

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