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PTB changes: Missing the point and tone deaf

wisdomwielderwisdomwielder Member Posts: 327
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There are some good things about the upcoming PTB but there are also some blatantly tone deaf and straight up bad changes. Some of the most obvious ones are some basekit and add-on changes to Huntress and Demogorgon. This was not what the community was asking for. Everyone wanted iridescent hatchets to only work at long range to reward skill. Everyone agreed on that. With the proposed change, its still an annoying as ######### add-on except now for both sides because the Huntress has to reload all the damn time. You could have made it tastefully skillful and fun, but just chose a lazy restriction like all of the other iri add-ons. You also did not change her outdated exhaustion add-ons AT ALL. EXCUSE ME. 90 SECONDS OF EXHAUSTION? HELLOOOO???

Demogorgon. Some of the portal changes seem nice but that's not what people were asking for or expecting. Literally everybody wants rat liver base kit so they don't get looped around rocks because they're slower than the survivor while using his power. Also, ######### IS THAT ROTTEN PUMPKIN ADDON. THAT LOOKS SO BAD, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS. Why the hell would you purposefully sabotage your mobility like that? You ALSO took away it's +1 portal effect?! WHAT. Maybe you want to give bad Demos the ability to fix their portal placement? This wastes so much time! Learn how to place portals!! Why not just grab the extra portal add-on instead??? Also, only TWO addon changes, out of how many are abhorrently useless ones? Literally, the best add-ons are brown. Rat tail, and Rat liver. Next would have to be other time saving travel add-ons like the lungs and guts, but hopefully those won't be needed as much now. The 3rd best ones were lunge cool down and extra portals (THAT YOUR TAKING AWAY). Because they saved time and helped you chase more efficiently. The other portal add-ons were useless.

I don't know what to think about Freddy and his add-ons yet, since it's a lot of changes all at one time, but most of those new add-ons seem pretty garbage.

All in all, some disappointing changes here. I mistakenly thought the devs knew what people were asking for and would make the proper changes. My bad.

Also, BT no counterplay, let's go 😀

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