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What's the point in those common survivor BP offerings?

I've always wondered to myself: what's the point in those common survivor bloodpoint offerings and how have they not yet been changed?

The numbers don't seem very logical. They cost 3,000 bloodpoints to acquire on the bloodweb, but they grant you 50% bonus bloodpoints in one particular emblem category, with each category being maxed at 8,000 bloodpoints.

This means that at best you make 1,000 bloodpoints profit (assuming you max a category) which is hardly anything. Not to mention that a lot of the time you'll actually end up losing bloodpoints in effect.

We all have hundreds of them unused in our inventory - if only they were a little more useful.

NOTE: I am aware that they were changed in the past, but I still don't think their current values make sense.


  • DwightFairfieldDwightFairfield Member Posts: 1,247

    filler for bloodweb grind

  • PotatoPlayerPotatoPlayer Member Posts: 102


    I never question the cost of nodes in the bloodweb, it's just a means to level up and advance. And it's nice to have cheap stuff I can throw in the offering pile without much thought, hoping it'll add a little bit more bloodpoints than an offering-less game.

    Though now that I think about it, I play /horribly/, so I doubt I ever make back the 3k bp for the matching emblem lol. Nothing but bronzes and silvers out here haha

  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 2,606

    Same reason why most grey/brown addons(both killer and survivors) are practically worthless as you can get a much better version of it for 1000 bp more. They are mainly filler offerings you can throw into the mix just to fill slots. Same applies to grey/brown killer bp offerings.

    Heck, you could even argue the yellow bp offerings are not worth the investment.

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