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To make it easier to find people to play with:

Please specify if you have Crossplay enabled or disabled.

If it's disabled, please mention which platform you're on in the title. Thank you!


KyledbdKyledbd Member Posts: 36

Add mario4LYF3. I'm currently rank 3 and only have 1 solid buddy who frequently plays. If your on often and just about having fun and meet the other criteria then hit me up.


  • hot_wheelieshot_wheelies Member Posts: 4

    Add me hot_wheelies_

  • antvlone_antvlone_ Member Posts: 2

    I’m downn my psn is Ant Vlone

  • Elsecaller97Elsecaller97 Member Posts: 2

    Ps5 crossplay enabled rank 17 survivor rank 10 killer just want to have fun not toxic Nephew_Ruckus199 add me

  • energyloversenergylovers Member Posts: 4

    I try to play often and yes username Crackedlove12

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