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Retired/Nerfed Offerings for bp exchange

Just a thought...

Idk, I was just looking through my inventory thinking about time wasted getting offerings that are worthless now. Event offerings and splinter offerings etc should be able to exchange back into bloodpoints at some exchange rate. + or - 50%?

Maybe even extend that to large nerfs i.e. huntress iri. Allow a two week grace period to exchange affected offerings?

OR during events, once or twice a year allow people to burn them away so long as they don't "break the game". I have a myers that would love to use 30 of these blighted rush offerings some day. I can't think of any survivor add-ons or offerings ATM but I'm sure there is something.

This game can be a grind for us casuals, ease the burden. Not a yuge complaint, just an idea. Thoughts?


  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,100

    I agree... and kinda disagree at the same time.

    I would probably do it like this: first, re-enable every single which has been retired, from Splinters to Common and Uncommon Map offerings and then allow everyone to exchange offerings back into bloodpoints. 

  • Pat00tSackPat00tSack Member Posts: 45

    I had also had this thought before, mostly to just declutter my inventory. There's just some map offerings I'm never ever going to use in my life, so why make me keep it? I'd even be okay if we just got like 50 bp for a purple offering at this point.

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