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Demo changes are disappointing

ZenroZenro Member Posts: 319

As a Demo main i was pretty excited to hear Demo was getting some changes "buffs" if you say. Just checked out the patch notes and the changes are so tone deaf to what the community wanted and what Demo needed. A lot of his addons on live are basically useless and the best add on being rat liver which was highly requested to become basekit. So in the patch notes they mentioned they nerfed some add ons because of the buffs he is getting to base kit? The buffs are honestly underwhelming and 1 more second undetectable? Why? His footsteps are so loud and he announces to everyone when he is portaling so what is the point of undetectable? He gets to move through the upside down faster thats cool but that was never his problem at all. No one is over here wishing he portalled faster. The add on changes were needed to give him actual interesting and power changing add ons. We got maybe 1 or 2. Why is rat liver not basekit? Did we seriously nerf it because of its high use rate? Why else would it be nerfed? He got nothing base to help with shred or i would see the rat liver nerf. I dont understand. The add ons need another look over to actually make them cool and change his power in unique ways. Barely any that affect his shred, most portal ones are underwhelming. He is too loud.


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