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Can I get a native Korean to translate what the Trickster is saying during gameplay?

Is there a bad-ass Korean on this forum who'd be so kind and enlighten us all? The trailer had official subtitles, the game has no such thing.

He talks outside of his mori too. I'm not expecting it to be something extra surprising, but I just need to know :D So if you played a lot of Trickster and happen to be Korean, please let me know!

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  • kassamellkassamell Member Posts: 49
    Accepted Answer

    In his mori he says thank you, when he is grabbing knives out of the closet he says this is it, when a pallet gets dropped on him he says aish which is like a a slur but its mostly said when someone is pissed off, at the start off his trailer he says "going crazy crazy, everyone scream louder" :)

  • MissTikMissTik Member Posts: 2
    Accepted Answer

    Hello! :)

    When The Trickster first starts a round, he usually says 자 (ja). This is usually an interjection, but in English can be compared to saying 'alright then/okay now/etc' when you're starting to do something or say something.

    When he opens lockers and finds knives he (usually) says 이거야 (eegoya) which is like 'this is it (what he's searching for)'. When he opens a locker and finds a survivor, he says 찾았다 (chajadda) which means like 'I found you'.

    When he gets hit with a pallet, he usually says 아이씨 (aish) which is similar to starting the word shi* or fu**. Sometimes, when hit with a pallet, he also says 아 짜증나 (jajeungna) which is similar to 'ah, annoying'.

    When he starts a morí, he says 간다 (ganda) which is like 'here I go'. At the end he says 감사합니다 (gamsahamnida) which means 'thank you.'

    I don't remember all his lines so please let me know if there are more you're curious about!


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