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Custom match practice - Xbox or Crossplay

DarkMite2DarkMite2 Member Posts: 3
edited April 15 in Looking For Players

Looking for casual / chill dbd player(s) to practice in custom games. Hate buying "new to me" killers / characters then trying to learn in live matches

Also, I'm an "ok" looper. However, I suck at 360 spins on console

I'm in US - central time & use Xbox - (Gamertag - DarkMite2)

Crossplay enabled & I'm OK to play

Have discord, but rarely use. I can have my laptop open while playing if that helps or microphone on console

Willing to join SWF / KYF, but mostly just looking to practice & learn since DBD doesn't allow you to do it solo.

I have been a red (lvl 4) survivor and killer. However, I've been depiping due to trying to practice in "live" games & not as focused as I should be on gens. So, my rank is purple / green atm. Unfortunately, this gets me into a lot of games with disconnects

Hit me up on Xbox - DMs open - or leave a post & we'll work it out. I can play pretty much all day / evenings as I work remotely atm.


  • KamakazeKamakaze Member Posts: 3

    I’m down when do u wanna practice?

  • hi_hi_ Member Posts: 16

    I'm open I'm on ps4 mine is Conzor777#4801

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