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Myers needs a complete rework of add-ons

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 I got a very annoying Myers game a couple of days ago, he had add-ons where he can get infinite tier 3 (I think, I wasn't paying attention, he MIGHT have had an extended tier 3 add-on) and that addon where you can mori in tier 3, no joke we finished one gen and he had Ruin, Undying, Tinkerer, and snuck up on me and another survivor doing a gen with tinkerer then just moried me when I haven't even been hooked yet, NOBODY was hooked and he just moried everyone, I didn't even spend more than 2 minutes in the game and got moried. He later went to Mori everyone else in the game without hooking anyone.

Why do they need to be reworked?

Now, I don't want to be a negative nancy and complain, but some of his add-ons are too powerful and need to be brought to modern standards. Some of his add-ons are also weak and could need a buff and could make him more fun to play as. I'm not saying all of his add-ons are overpowered, but I'm saying they need to be brought up to today's standards. To make him fun to play as, and against.

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