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Is there a way to thank fellow players, or a thank you thread here on the forum?

Topic. If you want to skip the explanation I understand. I just really want to thank someone.


I'm new to the game - only about a month in and getting better but still learning - and every now and then I encounter a player who really earns my respect.

Just an hour ago, for example, I played a match that lasted a full half-hour - my longest by far - on the Yamaoka (smaller) map, no less. It was against the Trickster, who I hate going against because he's a bit tough for a relatively inexperienced player like myself. But he turned my mind around completely on the character, showing me that when a player is skilled and not cheap, anyone is fun to go up against.

Long story short, it was probably the funnest match I've had in my 400 or so hours thus far. No one was screwing around, it was legit cat and mouse that whole time. Chasing, hiding, escaping, eluding, going down, getting saved, unhooking, etc etc etc. It was a perfect balance of everything I hoped for in this game. The second half was him against myself and one other survivor. At one point I somehow managed to loop him using the typical shack, but with no pallet. He swung and came damn close several times, but I got away for a good minute or so. I suck at looping. I hate it. Yet somehow I just barely made the escape each time. At one point we stopped, looked at each other through the window, and he nodded in respect. I LOVE that. Players like that are the greatest. I nodded back in return (or hoped I did, I'm assuming that survivors nod the same way a killer does) and we resumed the chase. Finally, at the end, he let the other player go with target practice at the gate, and then downed me and carried me to the hatch.

I've been lucky enough to have this happen a few times, and I never get to properly thank the player. Maybe they don't think it's a big deal, but as someone new - and someone who loves a sportsmanlike game, regardless of who wins - a simple nod and "props" (which, do they even see?) isn't enough. I want these players to know that I respect them.


Topic. Aside from the nod and the props button, is there a way to contact a player after the lobby has emptied and simply say "thank you", or perhaps a thank you thread here on the forum? I searched but only found specific thank yous like the one I'm talking about here. At the very least, can I single out the player's name? I know there's no "naming and shaming" but are we allowed to "name and praise"? :)


  • GhostMaceNotCrustyGhostMaceNotCrusty Member Posts: 716

    I dont see why not, if you are both on steam you can comment on their profile

  • QwQwQwQw Member Posts: 4,469

    If you're on console, you can message each other, that's what I do if I want to thank someone.

    On the forums themselves, you're more than welcome to post a thread thanking someone, but unless you know them on here and tag them then there's no guarantee they'll see it.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Thanks for the replies. This user must have been cross-playing, I can't find his name on Steam and there's a little round icon of some sort immediately before his name which a friend of mine, who plays on the PS4, also has before his. I did send a friend request (as a gesture more than anything else, though I'd happily play more matches with him) but didn't think to check what happened if I clicked the in-game "view profile" button.

    I suppose, in lieu of other options, I'll just thank Bradou1217 here and in the Wholesome thread. I'm sure that the friend request will make sense to him, if he still remembers the name when he sees it.

    Meanwhile, is there any sort of universally recognized way of saying thank you in-game? Whenever someone heals or unhooks me and I have a chance to, I quickly double-crouch as such a gesture. But I also know that this is the universal gesture of disrespect if you do it a bunch of times, so there's a thin line between "I appreciate this" and "up yours". LOL.

    I wish the devs would just implement a simple thumbs-up animation, though I understand that doing so would probably be much more than "simple".

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