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(Xbox One) Base Console Framerate Issues

ShadyNicNackShadyNicNack Member Posts: 25

I currently have an Xbox One.  It seems as if whenever there is an update, they forget about the consoles and our framerate issues happen all over. We are currently experiencing framerate issues on multiple Xbox One. Framerate Issues include:

Slow in game play, playable character are slower than other characters.

Constant lag and rubberbanding. Constant lag and rubberbanding into walls and objects.  Especially during any chase or when on screen of multiple people (killers and survivors).

Frames drop, Screen goes black for milisecond, screen freezes and etc when near multiple characters on same screen.  

Play is choppy and hard to detect where you are in chase.

Playable character seems to feel a bit floaty, and due to constant framerate issues, character seems to walk on its own or want to go to a different direction.

Playable characters seem to have extra speed at times, they seem faster than the normal killer. Killer cannot seem to keep up.

Noticed that higher player rank is, and higher their perks and additions are, framerates gets worse for each of those characters on screen until it becomes unplayable.

Due to framerate drops, blood specs or killer disappears and reappears in different location, hard to keep track on where you prime objective are.

Around going around jungle gym or object corners during a chase in map, when going around corners or around object... Playable characters seems to have a mind of its own and likes to go to different direction or run in wall. Or while going around corners, it seems to rubberband you into a wall or all of sudden you are stuck on something that wasn't there before.

On new improved maps, framerate gets worse. You add that and plus numerous players on same screen seems to slow everything down to almost unplayable.

Multiple Xbox. Multiple killers and multiple survivors.  Internet is great especially on different locations. Xbox's are up to date.  

Seems to be on every game we play. Xbox vs Xbox seems a bit better but seems to still have framerate issues but Xbox vs computer is terrible now. Crossplay is just terrible. Used to be vice versa.

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