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New Tournament! Looking for 1 team of 4 players (Start-Mid June)

Dr_TrautsDr_Trauts Member Posts: 697

Hi guys, first time promoting a tournament on here.

I'm looking for 1 team of 4 players.

Essentially, teams will be playing 6 matches in a bracket of the tournament - 3 survivor and 3 killer

Teams will play on 1 map as survivor, switch roles on the same map, and then change map as they switch back to the original role (so a total of 3 maps will be used).

The tournament includes pre-game aspects such as picking maps, banning perks and pooling killers.

Points are scored through a custom points system:

Killers being rewarded on survivors hooked, sacrificed and gens incomplete at the end of the trial

Survivors being rewarded on completing gens and escaping the match alive.

The tournament rules have been 'tested' in a mini tournament i did a while back, and have been updated since then. Hopefully as more tournaments happen, the rules will be edited further into a legitimate set of rules but for now, these seemed to work relatively well the last time.

Here's the full list of rules, for anyone interested the tournament would hopefully be around start - mid June.


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