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Looking for two more players! Crossplay!

bluef0restbluef0rest Member Posts: 2
edited April 30 in Looking For Players

Hello! Me and my friend are looking to complete our survivor team, one of us on PC one of us on XBOX, we use discord to call during games, crossplatform is okay, mic is preferred!

I am a rank 12 survivor and my friend is a rank 8 :)

Thank you <3

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  • kevbot07kevbot07 Member Posts: 7

    Hey im on xbox im rank 9 and would be interested in playing with you guys i would prefer game chat my xbox gamer tag is SaltyKevBot add me and we can discuss more

  • ORP_PiorunORP_Piorun Member Posts: 3


    I have added you on discord!

    Are you still looking for players?


  • HyrumDHyrumD Member Posts: 5


    y’all still need another survivor on your team?

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