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fps drops, regular stutter

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The game is using 20-30% gpu and 20% cpu. I have low and uncapped 60 fps. fps always stays near the target. But feels very choppy. the 99% fps on nvidia overlay has it dipping down to sometimes to the 40s 30s and 20s? When I am in menu lobby why does my 99% fps stutter down to 40 fps, why does it feel choppy not even in a match? When I play at 100 fps I 99% of my frames only hitting the 60s when turning my head and doing some animations. gtx 1080, ryzen 7 2700. 32 gb 3200 mhz. whyyyy. I've been playing this game since launch, used to run at 120 UNCAPPED FPS on HIGH with no noticeable stutter.

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