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Appraisal buff

PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 977
edited April 22 in Feedback and Suggestions

Running around the map looking for and searching through chests is time consuming. It's time that is better spent on gens, unless perhaps if a key is found.

It can be even more time consuming when simply looking for the chests, hence Plunderers Instinct does a good job at helping us with that. However when a chest has already been opened, its aura is no longer shown.

So all I suggest is that Appraisal shows the aura of opened chests you have not yet fully plundered. We're already wasting time going around the map plundering chests, at least show us where they are. We're often using up 3 perk slots just for this.


  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,176

    This would be a great addition tbh, or they could at least give it to Plunderer's.

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 8,051

    Plunder's Instinct should show auras of locked chests, then removing the aura after it's been unlocked.

    Appraisal should show auras of unlocked chests, then removing the aura after it's been rummaged by you.

    This would be a nice quality change for both Perks. 😁

    edited April 22

    With how you started out I was worried you were going to propose a change that tried to eliminate the searching chests aspect of the perk. That aside, I think what you suggest is a good change. It would make it easier to find chests without Plunderer's but even with Plunderer's too. Plunderer's only works if the chest is closed, if a teammate finds a chest in a generic tile and opens it before you do you might never even find it since there's nothing of note nearby, and Plunderer's instinct won't show the chest location anymore.

  • landromatlandromat Member Posts: 1,885

    Yeah we need this because sometimes your teammate can loot a chest and good luck finding it even with plunderers

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