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How would you change the devout emblem?

PabloLovesMCPabloLovesMC Member Posts: 125

I personally dislike how the devout emblem is set up. Its not my problem if survivors dont unhook and its not my problem if a survivor takes all attempts to get off then dosent struggle. Its not my problem if i slug someone and they bleed out because their teammates never picked them up. Its not my fault if the survivors im playing against cant avoid getting 4 man slugged. I understand wanting devout to incentivize killers to not camp but at the same time its a little absurd. Devout relies way more on the survivors being good than you, the killer being good. All that being said, do you have any ideas on changes you would make to the devout emblem?


  • ElcopolloElcopollo Member Posts: 373

    The only problem I see with emblems is that sometimes they are bugged and don't work at all, but their principles are completely fine imo. They award multitasking and skillfull approach to the game, while punishing abuse of facecamping and massive slugging.

    While it's indeed not your problem that some survivors aren't altruistic and don't unhook, it kinda is your problem, if survivor bleeds out on the floor, as your primary objective is sacrificing, not slugging. If you don't want them to bleed out - then pick them up and hook, don't be afraid of DS all the time and don't slug them for a bait for so long that they die on the floor. Plus, it's not like survivors are 4 man slugged instead of 4 man hooked every single match. If in your case they are - then I feel like you really need to re-evaluate your strategies, my dude. Because the whole point of Devout is that you have to kill survivors through hook stages, not through waiting whole 2 minutes with all survivors on the floor.

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 1,112

    Nothing - No kills

    Bronze - 1 kill

    Silver - 2 kills

    Gold - 3 kills

    Iridescent - 4 kills or 3 kills with 10+ hook states

    I think it should go off how many kills given what the killers job is to be "devout" to the entity. Also I specify what it says for iridescent being 10 or more hook states because I don't think you should get iridescent if you didn't hook someone. If the person who escapes through the hatch or door (assuming hatch game) was never hooked, you shouldn't be getting iridescent, however if you did hook them and they just happened to get out, that's fine. I also specified that it's a hook STATE because disconnects and hook suicides happen. I think those should still count towards your devout (in the event they happen).

  • PabloLovesMCPabloLovesMC Member Posts: 125

    see the problem here is the fact that if you slug for the last kill survivors will hide in a corner so you dont find them so they bleed out and i dont get emblems for it

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