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It's too easy to rank up as killer but too hard to rank up as survivor

GizziGizzi Member Posts: 11

I'm a rank 8 killer and I got that rank within like 2 days, It's unbelievably easy to rank up as killer, I get all iridescents really easily pretty much every game and i feel like I don't deserve them and this is not a flex, I double pip easily every game, It's really easy to rank up as killer

On the other hand, it's hard to rank up as survivor. I'm stuck on rank 16 because of the amount of facecamping, proxy camping, teammates who are really new to the game that just leave you for dead when they can LITERALLY save you. I had a game today where I got trapped by a trapper on midwich and nea was with me and she was in the doorway of a room and she didn't want to come save me because she heard the terror radius even though she was full health and he wasn't even here, good 10 secs pass and I get picked up and die on my first hook.

It's really hard to rank up as survivor because you can't escape low elo with these killers who are constantly face camping and these teammates who just hide at the corner of the map and refuse to come near you to unhook you.


  • Viktor1853Viktor1853 Member Posts: 174

    Ez for survivor to rank up to

  • GizziGizzi Member Posts: 11

    So far, after making this post i've been facecamped, I've been tunnelled multiple times and I got sandbagged by a meg who has 1k hours but is still rank 18. It really is not fun being low elo

  • GizziGizzi Member Posts: 11

    Just had 3 afk killers in a row. this is what happens in low elo

  • DemoFrogDemoFrog Member Posts: 100

    That is a flat out lie. Get a few unhooks and do a couple gens and you guaranteed pip up. Don't even need to chase.

  • PlunderingPandaPlunderingPanda Member Posts: 112

    Holy crap. Please tell me this is a bait post.

    I'm red rank survivor, and I wish to god that I could get back up to where you are without AFKing in a locker.

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