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Does anyone think a Jeff the Killer skin would be manageable on Leigon?

XxBloodyBaronxXXxBloodyBaronxX Member Posts: 1

I feel that Leigon would be the best way to add Jeff the Killer into dbd. The devs could use this as a way to get a broader fanbase by adding a character that caught the attention of millions as a skin for a pre-existing killer. Leave your thoughts if you want!

Does anyone think a Jeff the Killer skin would be manageable on Leigon? 23 votes

That would be cool
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Nah no thanks
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  • missjaymissjay Member Posts: 30
    That would be cool

    i actually was thinking about this for a long time and even talked to BHVR about adding a jeff the killer licensed killer. after more thought, thought, i began to understand how similar he would be to the legion. a messed up teen running around with a knife. so yeah, i think it would be cool, and would be an excellent way to incorporate jeff into the game.

  • BadonkadonkBadonkadonk Member Posts: 25
    edited April 26
    Nah no thanks

    I mean, I wouldn't complain, we should get Slenderman represented somehow first though. Personally, I find Jeff to be poorly written and goofy, and it seems weird to essentially represent a pretty amateurly written story, I do get his popularity though. I'm not saying every killer needs to be from an oscar-winning masterpiece that's absolutely terrifying, Jeff just kinda hits different with how it's written to me.

    He would fit on Legion though, but me personally, no I don't really want him in.

  • DemoFrogDemoFrog Member Posts: 110
    That would be cool

    It's fitting, but the story was really bad lmao

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