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Create Your Own Perk

Jane_Is_Mega_ThiccJane_Is_Mega_Thicc Member Posts: 137
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Be creative and put thought into your perk, and just have fun making it!

Heres mine: Damaging Goals: Every time you hit 3/2/1 survivor(s) with a basic attack the perk activates, the next survivor that Repairs a Gen, Heals Themselves or Others, Cleansing Totems, Opening Chests, and Opening a Exit Gate will have there aura shown for 4/5/6 seconds.

The perk deactivates after the aura duration is complete.

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  • Jane_Is_Mega_ThiccJane_Is_Mega_Thicc Member Posts: 137

    Also, you can create as many as you want! :)

  • meowzilla69meowzilla69 Member Posts: 143
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  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 862


    Perk - Trigger

    A perk which has a cooldown of about 80/70/60 seconds. When the killer breaks a gen, it becomes more volatile. The next time a skill check is failed, the explosion knocks the survivor into the injured state if healthy, and on a bleed-out timer if already injured. This affects all survivors working on the gen.


    Perk - Double Glazing

    A perk which either x amount of uses depending on the tier. A survivor can activate a ledge (takes a few seconds), which when a killer vaults it they stumble, which adds maybe 3-5 seconds of "stun" time. The vault then returns to normal.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 1,618

    Mold Breaker

    An unstable connection with the Entity unlocks unconventional abilities.

    When the first Generator is completed, Mold Breaker activates:

    -Press the Active Ability button when next to a completed Generator to revert it to is previous state

    -Additionally, all Generators not being repaired by Survivors when Mold Breaker is used are blocked by The Entity for the next 11 / 13 / 15 seconds.

    "Unexpected tactic, but not unwelcome"

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 1,944
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    I actually made 3 killer perk ideas, but they didn't get any attention. Maybe people will have stuff to say about it here.


    You feel your anger boiling while around others. When chasing a survivor, each survivor that is in your terror radius gives you 1 token, up to a maximum of 3. Each token increases the generator regression speed by 25/50/75%, up to a maximum of 75/150/225%. When a survivor exits your radius, lose a token.

    The survivor that you are currently chasing is not counted as a token.

    The regression bonus does not stack with other perks. (Not sure about this one.)

    This one would work really well with M&A.


    You're determined to find them all. If there is an available dull totem, the totem lights up once at least 1 survivor is killed or sacrificed. (Not sure about this one either.) Each time a survivor is killed or sacrificed, the remaining survivors in the trial will be given the Exposed status effect for 10 seconds, and you gain a stackable Haste status effect of 2.5/5/7.5% increased speed.


    You become obsessed with one survivor. For the first 60/90/120 seconds of the trial, the action speed of all survivors is decreased by 100%. The obsession is unaffected by this. Once the perk's effects are over, the obsession is given a 5% action speed penalty for the rest of the trial.

    The last one's name is totally not based off of Regigigas's ability.

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  • PlunderingPandaPlunderingPanda Member Posts: 112
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    Edit: Also, fantastic work with the styling.

  • dspaceman20dspaceman20 Member Posts: 1,995

    I have 2 perk ideas for killer and survivor

    Back on track

    After being side tracked your able to effectively get back to the task at hand

    A generator that is regressing will be shown to you in a red aura.

    Stoping the regression and repairing the generator you gain a 10% increase in repair speed for 1/2/3 seconds.


    Hex: Unleashed

    A hex that grants you powerful abilities to aid you in your hunt.

    When any hex including this one is cleansed you gain an 10% increase in movement, attack, and breaking speeds for 10/12/14 seconds.

  • PlunderingPandaPlunderingPanda Member Posts: 112



    You have always been terrible at getting things done early, but you always make up for it at the last minute!

    You suffer a permanent 30/25/20% speed penalty when repairing generators.

    For every 60 seconds spent repairing generators you gain 1 token, up to a maximum of 5 tokens.

    While repairing a generator, you can press the active ability button in order to consume all tokens and increase generator progress by 10% per token.


    I designed this perk to reduce the annoyance of heavily patrolled generators in the late game, and to incentivize survivors to keep working on generators during tough end-games (as opposed to seeking out the hatch). In order to keep this from turning into a gen-rush perk it slows down the early game, giving the killer more time to build momentum.

    Alternatively, this can be used to counter killer's who heavily pressure generators and push survivors off them frequently/regress generators a lot. The killer will still extend the game, but giving survivors extra repair time (because they're repairing the same gens over and over) will give more tokens to survivors, allowing them to eventually finish those generators.

    For the sake of playing the numbers game:

    Total generator time with this perk (5 gens at max level) = 480 seconds (up from 400)

    Total time gained from this perk (assuming 5 generators are ONLY worked by people with this perk, and never regressed) = 64 seconds

  • BeelzeboopBeelzeboop Member Posts: 892
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    unceasing march

    Your persistence wears down even the strongest will.

    Whenever you would gain a stack of Bloodlust, instead slow down all survivors currently in a chase by 3%. Stacks.

    You gain bloodlust stacks 20%/25%/30% faster.

    "Please... it won't stop... hide me!"

    dark designs

    You have a dark mind, and the Entity will oblige your plans.

    While performing actions that can be interrupted by grabs, survivors are Exposed.

    They remain exposed for 0.5/1/1.5 second(s) after the action is stopped or finished.

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  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 8,963
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    Thanks ^^

    But legit I just did inspect element and changed each bit to the perk description, the only bit I couldn't change was splitting up Blood Pools and Scratch Marks, and change the picture of a locker to a pallet, cause I can't add new lines of code unfortunately.

  • onemindonemind Member Posts: 2,307
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    Hex damdation

    "You love the grins they make as they are about to escape "


    When there is 1 gen left hex damdation is lit

    If hex damdation is still lit when the final gen is done the perk takes effect until cleansed


    The gates open automatically but the exit is blocked until the hex is cleansed

    This perk every 20s will show all survivors aura for 5s afflict them with random negatitive status effects (except exposed), for 20s

    it also decrease the 2m timer to 1m30s but will slow the timer by 3x when a player is downed or hooked

    When their aura is shown the killer gains a 10% speed boost for the duration


    (Bloodwarden will still take effect but not if the hex is active)

    ( if the hex is cleansed the 3x slower progress will still take effect even after cleanse and give the 30s loss back)

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  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,116

    This is an idea I had a long time ago:

    Contamination - Your weapon is fertile ground for germs, which bloom on bloody metal. Hitting a healthy survivor with your primary weapon infects them. After an infected survivor is rescued from a hook, that hook will become contaminated. Survivors who are hooked on a contaminated hook will receive a stacking penalty to vaulting speed and great skillcheck success zone size.

    The idea is to promote a territorial, non tunnely gameplay. I also like the idea of a perk that affects vaulting speed.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,480

    A few perks I came up with:


    Tools of the Trade: 

    When supplies are low you have a keen instinct for finding the right tools for the job. While carrying a Flashlight or Toolbox item of common/uncommon/rare or lower quality during a trial, the first chest you open will be a guaranteed Match or Upgraded rarity item of the same type.

    Safety First: 

    Your knowledge of working around electrical devices outmatches others who tend to ignore the basic rules of repairing. When you start repairing a generator it powers down over the span of 8/6/4 seconds and remains powered down while you work on it. Leaving an affected generator for more than 6 seconds, failed skill checks, and damage from the killer will immediately power it back up at its current level of progress.

    Delay Resistors: 

    Experience has rewarded you with an advantage against the Killer’s situational awareness. After you completely repair a generator, the generators full power up and notifying alert to the killer is delayed for 3/4/5 seconds or until another survivor begins working on it. The generator can be damaged by the killer within this window of time.


    Your willingness to sacrifice your aides pleases the Entity. Once per trial you may purposely drop and destroy an item you are carrying during a chase to gain the Endurance Status Effect 4/6/8 seconds. The destroyed item must contain at least 100/75/50% of its remaining charges for Bribe to activate.

    • Any damage taken that would put you into the Dying State will instead trigger the Deep Wound Status Effect, after which you have 20 seconds to Mend yourself.
    • Taking any damage while under the effect of Deep Wound or if its timer runs out will put you into the Dying State.

    Getaway Plan:

    Your knowledge of the killers’ tactics gives you an edge when repairing generators. When there are 2 incomplete generators remaining to repair in the trial grounds, Pressing the activate ability button while repairing generator that has under 25/50/75% progress will power it down completely. The affected Generator reactivates at its currently held state of repair progress when a survivor interacts with it, the killer damages it, or when Getaway Plan is activated on another generator. Getaway Plan has a Cool down of 90 seconds.

    Committed to the Job:

    You have a Slightly/Moderately/Considerably lower chance of triggering skill-checks while performing repairing, sabotage and healing actions, and gain a progression speed bonus of 1/2/3% for those actions. If you or any survivor cooperating with you on an action fails a skill check, the aura of the survivor who failed is revealed to the killer for 6 seconds.

    Devilish Deal:

    Your desperation to to survive against insurmountable odds has lead you to striking up a precarious deal with the Entity.

    Whenever you are struck by the killers Basic Attacks while afflicted by the Exposed Status Effect, Devilish Deal will trigger and grant you the Endurance Status Effect instead of being put into the dying state. When Devilish Deal is triggered, one of your other perks, picked at random, will be Marked by Devilish Deal and deactivated for the remainder of the trial.

    Devilish Deal can only be triggered up to a maximum of 1/2/3 time(s) per Trial.

    If Devilish Deal has been Triggered its maximum amount of times when you are struck while in the Exposed state, you will be put into the dying state.

    If Devilish Deal has been Triggered its maximum amount of times when you are hooked, You will be sacrificed regardless of which hook phase you would normally enter.


    Blood Rush:

    When the scent of Fresh blood permeates the air, you can't help but feel an invigorated rush. Your movement speed increases by 2% for every 30/25/20 seconds you directly follow a survivors blood trail (within 2 meters). Blood trails from Survivors suffering from the Hemorrhage status decrease the time it takes to gain this movement speed bonus by 50% (Hemorrhage = 15/12.5/10 seconds instead). Any accrued movement speed bonus you've earned ends 5 seconds after you cease following a blood trail, or when you pick up a downed survivor.

    Head of the House:

    You've prepared your environment ahead of time to better entertain your guests. Up to 3/4/5 Pallets that spawn in the trial grounds are chosen at random in the start of the trial. Any time a survivor interacts with these pallets, they will immediately break. The auras of all affected pallets are Revealed to you for the duration of the trial.

    Special Treatment:

    You can't help but take great pleasure in tormenting your favorite toy. You become Obsessed with a survivor. Your Obsession becomes afflicted with 1 negative status effect, picked at random, every time you strike them with your basic attack. Any applied status effects remain with your Obsession for the remainder of the trial unless otherwise removed by the actions of survivors or the hooked state.

    Whenever your Obsession Unhooks a survivor, the Obsession status passes onto the rescued survivor, as does up to 1/2/3 of the currently acquired negative status effects picked at random.

    All negative Status effects Unique to any killer, are exempt from the available status effects picked at random.

    You can only be Obsessed with one survivor at a Time.

    Draining Touch:

    Your attacks against survivors inflict additional consequences to them. Successfully Injuring a survivor from the Healthy state with a basic attack inflicts the Hindered and Exhaustion status' for 5/10/15 seconds. Draining touch has a cooldown of 50/40/30 seconds.


    Basking in the Blood of your victims rejuvenates your youthful and vigorous attacks. For every 100/75/50 blood spots left by injured survivors in the trial grounds, Bloodbath gains a token (max of 5). For every token bloodbath accrues, Missed and Successful Basic attack cooldown is reduced by 4%.

    Hex: Domination

    A Hex rooted in your dominance over both your victims and the trial grounds. Whenever you put a survivor into the dying state, The closest 1/2/3 active Pallets within 24 meters of you are destroyed, regardless of their current state.

    Pulsating Fear:

    Your senses are finely tuned to the hearts of your fearful prey. When chasing a survivor, their heartbeat becomes directionally audible to you within 8/12/16 meters. This effect lasts for 6 seconds after the chase is broken.

    Camp Light:

    Knowledge of your territory grants you an innate ability to detect trespassers. Holding still for 10/8/6 seconds sets a beacon at your current position that only you can see. Any walking or running survivors that come within 16 meters of your beacon are revealed to you via your killer instinct.

    Only 1 Camp Light beacon may be active at a time.

    Tunnel Network: 

    The Hooks of the trial grounds are now linked by the Entities dimensional pathways. While any survivors are hooked, attacking another non-basement hook in the trial grounds with your basic attack will instantly transfer a hooked survivor to it. If there is more than one survivor hooked when this is activated, the transferred survivor selection is random.

    Survivors currently being rescued at the time of activation are immune from this effect. Tunnel network has a cooldown of 120/100/80 seconds.

    Hard Slugger: 

    Your blood boils with strength at the sounds of survivors agony, empowering your attacks. After Striking survivors 4/3/2 times, your next basic attack will throw a survivor 8 meters in the direction you are looking. This doesn't activate if your basic attack is a lunge, and missing this attack will increase your recovery time by 100%.

    Any survivors put into the dying state with this attack cannot crawl or recover without assistance for 30 seconds.

    Painful Neglect: 

    Survivors who lose focus on their goals incur hefty penalties. Survivors who take their inner 30 degree cone of vision off of a generator they are repairing experience a 5/10/15% reduced progress speed, increased odds of triggering skill checks, and reduced skill check success zones.

    Hide n’ Seek:

    Innate Control over your terrifying presence conceals your whereabouts from survivors. When within 8/16/24 meters of a survivor, the Terror Radius’s heartbeat sound no longer increases its Rate the closer you are to them.

    Mind Numbing Mist:

    Your intense desire to kill transgressors has saturated the fog of the trial grounds, dulling and suppressing the Survivors sense of situational awareness. Up to 2/3/4 Survivors no longer receive Status Effect, Perk and Teammate condition notifications during the trial. Injured, Dying, Hooked and Exhaustion notifications are exempt from this effect.

    Intimidating Presence: 

    Intimidation is the best asset to cause chaos in the minds of your victims. Survivors within your Terror Radius are unable to initiate actions to heal, or open gates. Any survivor currently doing so when entering your Terror Radius trigger a Tremendously difficult skill-check every 3/2/1 seconds they remain performing these actions within your Terror Radius. Great Skill-check Success Zones are Removed for survivors under the Effect of Intimidating Presence.

    Painful Presence: 

    Your presence induces panic in the injured causing them to make more costly mistakes. Any Injured survivors within your Terror Radius Have a Tremendously higher chance at triggering difficult skill checks while performing healing actions. Injured survivors failing any healing skill checks while in your Terror Radius suffer an additional 15/40/65% loss to healing progress.

    Sadistic Rush: 

    The thought of completing a kill fills you with intense vigor. After putting a survivor into the dying state Sadistic Rush grants you a 10/15/20% speed boost in pickup, drop, hooking and attack recovery speeds for 6/8/10 seconds.

    ... ok, so, more than a "few" 😋

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 1,036

    Killer perk:

    Mutiny - When the first survivor leaves the trial, the remaining survivors have there aura's revealed for 20 seconds.

    Survivor perk:

    Revelation - When you cleanse a hex totem, the killers aura is revealed to all survivors for 10 seconds.

  • SurpriseSurpriseSurpriseSurprise Member Posts: 2,192

    Murder Mystery

    Press the Active Ability button while in a Locker to place seeds inside. That Locker will gain Idle Crows as if a Survivor was in it for the next 100/110/120 seconds, during which the Killer's Aura is shown to you while they are within 8m of the Locker.

    (Open Handed increases this value by 50% to 12m)

  • SchmierbachSchmierbach Member Posts: 467

    Killer Perks:

    Can't Stop, Won't Stop

    Each time the killer performs a successful attack, performs a break action, or hooks a survivor gain a token. For each token gain 1.5% increased action speed for all actions. Successful attacks hitting or hooking the obsession provides 2 tokens.

    Burning Hunger

    You no longer gain Bloodlust during a chase. When outside of a chase you gain stacks of Burning Hunger. Each stack of Burning Hunger increases your movement speed by 5% every 5 seconds stacking up to 5 times. Once in a chase stacks are lost at 1 every 5 seconds or all if you perform an offensive action.

    All According to Plan

    Any time a survivor remains in your line of sight for 3 seconds or more you will be shown their aura for same amount of time up to 10 seconds when they are no longer in your line of sight. 60 second cooldown

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,568

    I'd like to rework one of my favorite perks.

    Sole Survivor

    Death has taken the people you loved, but it won't take you.

    The killer can't see you when outside of a 72 meter radius to you.

    Each time a survivor other than you loses a hook state, decreases the radius by 2/4/6 meters up to a total of 16/32/48 meters.

    Increases your chances to become the killer's obsession.

    If everyone has been doubled hooked, the killer would need to he within 24 meters to see you. Otherwise, the killer won't be able to see you; think about Spirit, you literally cannot see her when she's phasing.

    Left Behind

    The Entity admires your hope in the most dire of situations.

    When you're the last survivor alive during the collapse with both exit gates closed, collapse progression is coverted into exit gate progression at a 30%/40%/50% conversion rate.

    Basically, exit gates beging progressing on their own based on how much of the collapse has expired. If 50% of the collapse has expired, both exit gates would have 25% progression. This would be helpful in those situations where the killer has a very easy patrol route, but of course wouldn't be a cake walk. You will still need to reach the exit gates without being seen and time the killer's cycle.

    Monstrous Shrine

    Hooks around the map have gotten the Entity's interest.

    Whenever you pick up a survivor, a random hooks within the carrying range will be revealed to you in a white aura.

    Hooking a survivor at this hook:

    • Inflicts deep wounds on the hooked survivor whenever they are unhooked any means. The hooked survivor cannot mend by themselves, but see the aura of all survivors.
    • Reveals the savior's aura for 6/8/10 seconds.

    Basically make hooks stronger if you can manage to hook them at a specific spot. Wouldn't be powerful since it's time consuming and risky to go for special hooks if they are on the outside perimeter of your carrying range.

  • CriticalWeaselCriticalWeasel Member Posts: 176
    edited April 28

    Survivor Perk: Beacon

    "Light reveals danger before it reaches their next victim."

    (Forest Warden Survivor)

    When your within 16 meters of a completed generator your Aura is revealed to all survivors.

    If a survivor other than you gets hit within 16 meters of a completed generator the killer is revealed to you for 6/8/10 seconds.

    If you got hit within that radius the killer's aura is revealed to all other survivors for 4/6/8 seconds.

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 1,640

    I've made my own personal ideal chapter but I'm not writing all that down on my phone.

  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 426


    Bloody Gambit

    You become obsessed with one survivor.

    If you hook the obsession before the second generator is done Bloody Gambit activates. Every generator you kick will loose 10% progression.

    If you fail to hook the obsession before the second gen is done Bloody Gambit deactivates for the rest of the trail.


    Break Free

    For every survivor you safely unhook gain a token. For each token reduce the time it takes to escape the killer's grasp by 2 seconds. Loose a token for each unsafe hook rescue.

    Once you successfully wiggle out of the killer's grasp once Break Free deactivates for the rest of the trial.

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