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An Idea for a new killer and survivor. (Perks and names included)

When I come across a new game that I become obsessed with, I find myself trying to create my own ideas and concepts. For this one, I'm a little more confident with than my other ones which were mainly just useless general perks that... not everyone was a fan of... heh heh. This one though, I think it'd be good, so let's hear it:


Name: "The Beast"

A silent killer, able to shrink his terror radius to locate survivors without alerting them of his presence harnessing his power, Finest Fear. His personal perks, Violent Purge, Movement Is Fatal, and Lethal Bite allows him to identify survivors close and benefit from chases.

Power: Finest Fear

The darkness within you generates an almost endless amount of potential within your aura-reading and physical abilities.

  • Grants the ability to charge a short leap in a single direction that can vault windows and destroy pallets.
  • Terror Radius shrinks while not in a chase, minimum of 8 meters.
  • Terror Radius grows while in a chase, maximum of 48 meters.
  • Terror Radius default at 24 meters.

* Tremendously reduced terror radius. (8 meters)
* Red stain disappears.
* Vault speed considerably increased.(+30% Speed)
* Movement speed is slightly increased. (+8% Speed)
* Grants immunity to detection perks.
( Survivors gain an auditory warning when reaching minimum. )

* Action speed is considerably increased.
* Leap charge is shorter.
* Successful attacks moderately increase the survivors bleeding frequency for 60 seconds.
* Successful attacks reduce terror radius by 15 meters.
* Slightly increased lunge range.
* Slightly increased successful attack cooldown.
( Survivors gain an auditory warning when reaching maximum. )
(Maximum is held for 8 seconds when the chase ends.)


Movement Is Fatal
{ Very Rare The Beast Perk }

"The undeniable presence of survivors teases you and your determination to seek them out is undying. Survivors within your terror radius for 30(1)-24(2)-21(3) seconds and not in a chase will have their auras revealed to you for 6(1)-8(2)-10(3) seconds."

  • This effect will be on hold if a survivor leaves your terror radius.

Lethal Bite
{ Very Rare The Beast Perk }

"Your deep bond with the entity unlocks great power within each other. Putting a survivor on a hook after they have performed an altruistic action reduces their time on a hook by 25%(1)-30%(2)-35%(3) of the phase they are currently in. A complete sacrifice in this manner rewards you with a 25%(1)-40%(2)-65%(3) bonus to all bloodpoint gains."

  • This effect will reset if the survivor has been rescued from the hook.
  • Bonus bloodpoints are rewarded post-trial.

Violent Purge
{ Rare The Beast Perk }

"Your impatience and lust for blood empowers you and weakens your foes. After Bloodlust activates, a successful hit will not grant them a burst of speed and recovery time is reduced by 5%(1)-7%(2)-9%(3)."

I don't have yet a design or a backstory, all I do know is that this killer is of or related to an animal of some kind with a similar structure to "The Hag" for nimble movement and able to leap through windows and shred pallets with their power. Now here is the survivor down below...

Name: Amara Chandra

A strong-willed rescuer, capable of putting herself in danger to keep her team safe and assist in chases. Her unique perks, One Last Risk, Danger Fond, and Cautious gives her opportunities to get allies out of tough situations and retreat safely.


One Last Risk
{ Rare Amara Chandra Perk }

"Your strong will and stubborn self makes you almost immune to the killers protest. While healthy, you cannot be interrupted during repairs, hook rescues, chest searches, totem cleansing, and exit openings. Taking a hit in this manner grants a 10%(1)-13%(2)-18%(3) increase to healing on yourself."

  • Increased healing effect wears off after being healed to healthy.

Danger Fond
{ Very Rare Amara Chandra Perk }

"Unlocks potential in ones aura-reading ability. When a killer is stunned by a pallet and standing outside of a 40(1)-36(2)-28(3) meter radius, their aura is revealed to you for the duration of the chase. When standing within the set radius, see the survivors aura instead."

{ Very Rare Amara Chandra Perk }

"Past experiences with staying quiet in dangerous moments taught you methods to help others off of hooks more effectively and safely. When outside of the killers terror radius, unhooking a survivor is 40%(1)-35%(2)-30%(3) slower, but the killer will not receive a notification until 2(1)-2.5(2)-3(3) seconds after the action has been successfully performed.

Tell me what you think about this concept. I really hope at least the perks are taken into consideration, because I think they're really strong for both sides and could come in real handy. Also, real quick, the Cautious perk. By notification, I mean the little box in the bottom right will not change until the set time and the killer won't be notified until after either.


  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 66
    1st of all, I love the killers power. I've never really thought of one like that. 2nd of all I love the perk movement is fatal. Although I think it may last for a bit to long. Other than that I enjoyed the chapter 
  • kyuukyuu Member Posts: 32
    I feel like he would look like vetto from black clover
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