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what's the deal with toxic killers?

fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

Whenever a killer shakes their head and repeatedly hit me on hook while facecamping me, I genuinely don't have an idea why they do that. I hate being toxic, so it's not like I'm teabagging or clicking my flashlight (if I'm carrying one during the round) so what's the reason? Is it because I was able to lead a good chase for 3 gens? I really don't know...


  • podkallpodkall Member Posts: 109

    If you played really good or use really strong perks, it's higher chance they do it.

    Ultimately asking why are some people toxic is as same as asking why they bully in school for example...

    Also people have habits, before I talk about them, he could also just want the kill, either because it's too late to get another hook or just because they want.

    Habits, some people just like to spam m1 at hooked people, regardless if theyre toxic or not, or nod their head.

    I nod head when someone teabags me beforehand of downing them for example, I hit toxic survors on hook once than leave them.

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    I 100% get it when killers do these things when a survivor teabags or is being toxic but hmmm yeah, that makes sense. It just makes me as a survivor main feel like the game is unenjoyable after because I feel like I didn't deserve that excessive toxicity. Like facecamping to get the kill? Okay, yeah I get it. But when they shake their head, then slug me, then shake their head again before hooking me, then facecamp me while hitting me on hook??... :( I feel like/know that I didn't deserve ALL that. Thanks for the answer though!! It actually helps me understand more of the other side's pov! :)

  • podkallpodkall Member Posts: 109

    They are like "AHA I finally got you after 3 gens, you are so toxic, because you are doing what you are supposed to do for your role, and that's wasting as much as my time as possible while others do gens, you deserve facecamp for your toxicity, also I'm not sure if I can get another hook since it's been half the game's gen requirement in order to get you, so I'm facecamping you"

    *hits you* "take that you toxic looper, game player"

    Yeah that's about what's going on inside their heads, I can actually relate somewhat, because when I was fresh on this gamec I was so mad when people did gens really fast.. had to flame them in post game how bad they are because they genrush.

    But now I know how to counter it or accept it..

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    LOOL honestly I have tons of respect for you because you learned how to counter/accept it AND you actually understand that survivors have no other choice but to keep a chase going when killers chase them... I feel like toxic killers don't know when to leave a chase in order to keep gen pressure so they blame it on survivors.. oh well... I'm just glad that there are people like you who understand what survivors have to do to escape... I also feel like you're not one to play toxic until the survivor is being toxic (which you then have the total right to be) so props to you!! Also thanks for helping me understand how the killer views things! It helps me to take these actions less personally. :D

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,020

    ill tell you why theyre toxic:

    -they probably had a miserable day and cant live without rubbing something in someones face

    -youre playing adam (playing him turns you into a tunnel magnet)

    -theyre just a douchebag, which is pretty much like the first one but with less reasons

    -you did something to them such as:

    finish a gen in their face

    utilized one of your perks in their face

    you teabagged at a pallet

    unhooked with bt

    ds'd them when they clearly chased you off hook

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    I'm 100% a Nancy main so it couldn't have been bc I was playing Adam LOL so if they're just a douchebag then... :/

    I also couldn't have done any of those things you listed because all I did was run a 3 gen chase without teabagging (bc I don't see the point in doing so and it's plain rude). But thanks for your answer!

    I do have some extra questions for you though (out of curiosity). If the killer doesn't tunnel, then wouldn't bt and ds not be a problem? And when you say "utilizing a perk" do you mean sprint burst, lithe, dead hard, or perks like that?

  • PigsEatBaconPigsEatBacon Member Posts: 41

    They lose so much gen pressure when chasing one survivor for 3 gens, so they camp for that kill sadly. The hook BM and tunneling kind of follows that.

    Also hi fellow Nancy main! :p

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    Dang, yeah that makes sense but that makes the game no fun for me :( So when I play against killers that are actually playing fairly and nicely, I enjoy the game whether or not I die.

    YAY!! HELLO TO U TOO NANCY MAIN!! :D nancy for the win!!!!

  • swager21swager21 Member Posts: 1,020

    when i play adam i get tunneled to death because he has the perk deliverance. also looping the killer for more than 2 minutes will guarantee you a camp.

    okay here are my answers to the questions

    1 i mean you cant really get ds'd without tunneling

    2 mostly exhaustion perks

    i know im probably exaggerating this but ive been tunneled and bm'd for all of the reasons that ive listed

  • podkallpodkall Member Posts: 109

    @fancynancy utilising perk literally means using any perk it doesn't matter, even walking and suddenly sprintubrsting in someone's face can give some people bad vibes, it's just their mindset

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 1,648

    It's just strategy. Some survivors gets upset and DC/Hook suicide, or simply loses their cool and starts making mistakes.

  • umadumad Member Posts: 12

    They're probably taking out their frustration with other toxic players on you.

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    Yikes I feel like that's on the killer then since they don't know when to leave a chase to keep gen pressure.

    Okay so from what I understand, if the killer doesn't tunnel then bt and ds aren't a problem to the killer bc it's not used at all. Also, I guess that makes sense. I can see how it could be annoying to go for a hit, then the survivor using dead hard but I hardly see that as an excuse to face camp ˘︵˘

    Dang, I feel you though... but thanks for your response I really appreciate it!! :)

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38
  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    Ooohh this also makes sense. I've wanted to dc or kill myself on hook bc of the toxicity but I could never leave my fellow survivor teammates :') I feel like this strategy isn't used by all toxic killers but this sounds like a good reason!

  • podkallpodkall Member Posts: 109
    edited April 28

    @fancynancy if u dont like tunneling, you would like ds+unbreakable combo, if he slugs you just Bill your way out there

    perhaps after u pick yourself up use nancy perk to heal yourself?

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    SAD ㅠ.ㅠ

    Well I'm going to continue playing nicely and fairly since I wouldn't want to add to their frustration :(

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    @podkall Oh yeah I def have those two perks for some other character but I realized 95% of the tunnelers pick up right away so I only use ds (with other perks) for Nancy! :)

  • podkallpodkall Member Posts: 109

    @fancynancy you go girl, stab those tunnelers afterall DS only works on boring players who want just kills asap

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    @podkall oh I def will😎😎 and TRUE :|

  • HelloSidneyHelloSidney Member Posts: 8

    But on the other hand, if yoj

    But when a killer does what they're supposed to do they are tunneling or camping.

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38
    edited April 29

    @HelloSidney No, see, killers are good and strategic players if they don't face camp/tunnel. If they camp, they're wasting time at the hook, which allows the other survivors to finish gens thus resulting in the killer losing gen pressure and the amount of times they could've hooked other survivors. If they tunnel, they're not giving survivors a chance to actually play the game (which is why they're playing in the first place). I don't call killers "tunnelers" if another survivor unhooks me, and the killer goes after them, not me (even though they could've).

    Post edited by fancynancy on
  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 1,648

    Yeah I think some survivors t-bags for the same reason, to get killer to lose focus and make mistakes. I mean sometimes it does work.

    If someone hook suicides because killer is camping and hitting them that is a huge boost for the killer if this happens early in the game.

  • celesteismorecelesteismore Member Posts: 143

    This Spirit kept hitting me on the hook for running them for 3 gens. Guess she didn't like that I wasted her time when she could've stopped committing.

  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    Yeah, I think in those cases, it's clear that the killer didn't have good time management and gen pressure. It also means your good with chases so props to you!

  • MintberryCrunchMintberryCrunch Member Posts: 2

    Been playing this for about a year now and that last bit still confuses me.

    Is a killer really tunneling to go for the injured one rather than the healthy? I think of tunneling as ignoring the best options to make sure someone goes out, don't get me wrong when playing killer I go for different people depending on different things but is it so wrong to attack the injured rather than healthy?

    I get that it's really annoying as I play survivor much more than killer, but if a teammate unhooks me in front of the killer, we both bolt, and the killer chases me then I think the teammate is the one who messed up with the bad unhook. I never blame the killer for this as it seems like the obvious best option for them. Whereas tunneling to me should be having tunnel vision and ignoring the better option just to get someone out.

    Realise this has probably been discussed a lot before but I finally made an account on here, long time lurker.


  • fancynancyfancynancy Member Posts: 38

    Hmm... say that the survivor that unhooks the hooked survivor is injured as well. If the killer happens to come back to the hook and goes after the survivor that was just unhooked even though the injured survivor that unhooked the survivor is in sight, then it's tunneling. Whenever I play killer, I always avoid going for the survivor that was just unhooked so that the game is more fair and fun for them whether or not they are injured. If the survivor that unhooks is farming, then the killer isn't really tunneling, so it's entirely the survivor's fault for farming.

    This is also why ds and bt exists, so that the survivors actually have a chance to play and survive instead of being constantly downed and dying before they even have a chance to play.

    Also same, I've been a lurker for the longest time but being able to participate in discussions is so fun! :)

  • MintberryCrunchMintberryCrunch Member Posts: 2

    Yea, if an unhook happens in front of me and both are injured I will always go for the one who did the unhooking because I know what it feels like to get downed immediately after being unhooked and just basically lose a hook state/be sacrificed for nothing, and not get a good amount of time in the game at least.

    But I still don't see it as tunneling really, I know people generally do use the phrase but it still seems to me that it's the killers choice of whats the best option to serve their aim.

    If they were to go right past one survivor to only focus down one other then that's ignoring the better option for the sake of being malicious to the other, so that I would say is tunneling.

    Just think most of the time the survivor doing the unhooking is the one who messed up if they unhook right under the killer's nose.

  • dbd4lifedbd4life Member Posts: 53

    some just having fun, some just being salty, and some just love to bully. humans. since ds nerf there is a giant increase in toxicity from the killer side, if i had the power i would revert the change so they wont bully the solo players as they normally do.

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