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Just started playing again after a couple months, are pallets broken?

NebulaNebula Member Posts: 452

Started playing dbd again after taking around an 8 month break, and have played around 60 games since then. It seems like almost every single match I’m getting hit through pallets when I’m 90% sure 8 months ago I’d get the stun. Just started throwing pallets early now, but it takes away from some of the fun of trying to get the 1 extra loop.

Is this a connection issue or are other people experiencing the same issue?


  • NebulaNebula Member Posts: 452

    Dang, they were even worse than they are now? That must have been hell to deal with.

  • TheArbiterTheArbiter Member Posts: 572

    If killers swung during the pallet drop it wouldn't stun them just push them back a little bit.

  • RiskyKaraRiskyKara Member Posts: 471
    edited April 28

    The other day I dropped a pallet, the killer got hit by it, I went down. No stun on the killer at all despite getting pushed back by the pallet. He just went through his lunge cooldown animation like nothing happened.

  • lagostalagosta Member Posts: 1,513

    If the killer starts a swing, the pallet will not stun them and the hitbox seems to reach after the pallet.

    Your best bet is to drop them very early, do not go for stuns. Or even better, play killer and enjoy your free downs.

  • Midori_21Midori_21 Member Posts: 622


  • HoodiedHoodied Member Posts: 12,308

    Can’t wait till you find out that Billy can literally give you pallet stun points right now but not get stunned, had that happen yesterday while he was recovering from his chainsaw and I got upset

  • KiolLKiolL Member Posts: 46

    Always has been a problem some hits after you drop the pallet, but......... Come on, right now is ridiculous.!

  • KillerMain4EverKillerMain4Ever Member Posts: 73

    I as a killer main dunno how I always kill people on pallets either, but hey I'm not complaining, good punishment for sliders when I hit them at the right second, is that a mechanic?

  • ShinobuSKShinobuSK Member Posts: 2,470

    I remember after one patch few months ago, the pallets were too ez to stun killers even when they werent even in stun distance, its like they had AoE damage or something lol.

    And now they are broken the other way, sometimes they stun normally, sometime stun doesnt even occur.

    Wonder what triggers that bug cause its only some pallets.

    I usually respect pallets most of the time so I dont get cheeky free hits even if I dont get stunned, hopefully they fix it next patch

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