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Tips for not clanging on walls while carrying survivors?

Hey guys, as a newer killer, I noticed that killers I tend to watch on stream have little to no difficulty carrying their downed survivors to a hook, even while not running Agitation or Iron Grasp*. I'm not losing survivors to wiggling free left and right anything myself, but I feel like there's been a notable amount of times that I've taken too much time to hook due to shuffling in a corner for a few seconds due to survivor input. Is there something I'm missing when it comes to movement while carrying, or any tips to keep your path relatively straight while carrying?

*I'm fairly sure that's the name - the perk that makes survivor wriggling reduced by a large %. If not forgive me.

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  • PantlessMyersPantlessMyers Member Posts: 656
    edited April 29 Accepted Answer

    Some of the times that you've felt shoved into objects too much could have been due to the survivor's perk Boil Over, it has this effect and I see lots of newer players using it :) If you think it's happening again, try looking bottom right next to your perks. If you see a tiny red square with a horse on it, it's Boil Over messing with your feet. There isn't much that can be done against BO, it will always make you feel like a dunce but it's usually possible and easy to hook the survivor anyway.

    The only other way I know to counter the standard wiggling effects is to hold A/D in the opposite direction to the one you're being pushed to. The direction changes at random so you adapt as you go. You can use the Iron Grasp killer perk which reduces the side sweep by whopping 75% and also extends the time to wiggle free for survivors.


  • RougualRougual Member Posts: 115

    Walk sideways through doors if you are worried you'll get caught. Worst case scenario you get pulled back a bit as you slip through.

  • FinalStalfosFinalStalfos Member Posts: 8

    Thank you both. I'll try and get used to the movement, as well as watch out for Boil Over.

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