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Killers Opening the Exit Gate?

TonsterX99TonsterX99 Member Posts: 14

I play both Survivor (Solo que) and Killer, so this is a question for both sides. If I can tell the killer is having a bad time and all survivors are safe I usually leave. However, as Killer, if I'm ever having a bad game where I get cooked, I usually open the exit gate and just leave so I can just move to the next game. Or I would except survivors will follow me around and tbag (either at the gate or as they follow me). So my question is, for survivor do you guys benefit from doing stuff like this, especially when the killer has clearly given up. And for killers what do you do when you run into this?


  • CheesyGuyCheesyGuy Member Posts: 313

    I try not to give up easily but sometimes you do. If I open the door I will just go to other side of the map as give up most of the time. If they t-bag and etc... well I will be not on my computer most of the time so they can do all silly stuffs. If you dont like it you can ignore them or hit them so that they will escape. However my advice is no matter what never give up. This game is full of suprises and sometimes it is best to keep the game going.

  • TonsterX99TonsterX99 Member Posts: 14

    I appreciate the encouragement, so I'll try not to give up. But It's more like I just want to move on to the next game. I'll try hitting them more and maybe they'll actually leave, I was just curious what others thought. To me it feels like a waste of time if you can escape but instead you just want to bug the killer that's letting you leave.

  • TonsterX99TonsterX99 Member Posts: 14

    Alrighty, I get the getting points thing, but what do you mean by be smart XD

  • Yaassin_q8Yaassin_q8 Member Posts: 71

    Don't straight up hit them maybe acting stupid is the thing that will get you a down

  • Yaassin_q8Yaassin_q8 Member Posts: 71
  • TonsterX99TonsterX99 Member Posts: 14

    I don't usually run noed, mainly because as survivor I get how annoying it is and I know if I use it there will be complaints from the other side XD.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 831

    Sometimes, opening the Exit Gates whilst running both NOED and Blood Warden can punish those survivors who act like numpties.

  • TonsterX99TonsterX99 Member Posts: 14

    I love the fact I asked for both sides to answer and it seems like only the killer mains did 🤣

  • PantlessMyersPantlessMyers Member Posts: 656

    Some survivors are power tripping after a game like this and they simply love to rub it in your face. Sometimes they try to squeeze a few more points out of you by attempting to trigger a chase, blinding you etc. Quite a few times I have been in matches where my solo team collectively decided to play the end game in a very risky fashion to allow the killer multiple downs and rescues for us, so we all practiced a bit and avoided de-pipping or safety pipping from the otherwise very quick and boring match.

    As killer, when I'm being outmatched by too far of a margin and lost all will to fight, I open the gate and face the wall to let survivors know there won't be any more point coming from me. Sometimes it works, sometimes they still stay the full timer.

  • NephilimDiosaNephilimDiosa Member Posts: 7

    honestly, i dont like to open the door much if I've given up, I would rather let them do it. sometimes I'll just stand on a hill if there's one (and I'm huntress) and just chuck hatchets at things :3 usually the survivors will notice I'm doing target practice and will get in los, run around in circles while they're 30m~ away, and want to see if I can hit them. it's funny and then I'm not so irritated at the match.

    one time I was chucking hatchets then I turn around to reload, and yui was standing directly behind me just watching. it jump-scared me so hard.

  • ClericaClerica Member Posts: 5

    As a survivor, the answer is: Yes.

    You can give up if you want, that's fine, but I'm gonna run in and out of your red stain for chase points, flashlight you, take hits, and heal my friends for blood points. Especially being red ranks where going up against a lower ranking killer means try harding just to safety pip. So yeah, I would, if I were you and decide to give up on a game, do a few things:

    • Don't open the gate. Survivors want those points.
    • Make sure your red stain is accessible.
    • Just stand there.

    That's it! We'll do the rest, granted, it'll take us some time. AFK, go to the bathroom, get a drink/snack, watch a YouTube video, come back in a few minutes, and I promise we'll be done. I usually give a thumbs up to killers who aren't spiteful little shits who open the gates and then stare at a wall to point deny the high ranks. Don't be that guy.

    That all being said; I 100% agree with those above. Don't give up! Every hit is points, every chase (even failed) is points, finding and closing the hatch between the second to last and the last survivor leaving through the gate is points. Going around and breaking pallets and breakable walls are points. There's even killer-specific stuff you can do while you wait: e.g. Trapper setting and resetting traps over and over, Twins unbinding Victor, Ghostface or Michael Myers stalking, etc. I've taken a lost game from a depip to a safety pip or even a pip just by doing these things. Go through and read all the emblems descriptions in your end-game screen. Hooking and killing survivors aren't the only ways to get bloodpoints and aren't the only way to up your emblem scores.

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