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Unstable gameplay, random fps/usage drops + freeze

LunisfordLunisford Member Posts: 2

Playing on pc .

  1. Cpu: I7 4790k
  2. Gpu:R9 290
  3. 16gb Ram
  4. Ssd
  5. Windows 10
  6. 1440p 144hz monitor (Display port)

Recently bought the game and when I started playing, my game ran fine even for hours 5+ non stop

After around 20hours of gameplay my game started acting weird, having micro freeze, with timeskip of about half a second every 2-3 seconds. Obviously making the game unplayable at certain point.

Those freezes seems to occur during a drop on the gpu usage. My gpu keeps runing at around 100%, but suddenly drops to 50% usage. (Frames from 44 to 60+ the vsync actualy is still hard coded in some way? cause its been to 75-80+ before the issues started)

While the usage dips are happening, my cpu (30 to 50% usage) and ram (depends on background but 45% usage) are all acting normally.

Cpu temperatures are under 50degree C, (noctua nd) my gpu being 3 fans is bellow overheat throttling sitting at 60 to 75 max.

I've tried many solution, removing the dog V-sync , changing graphics toward lowest lows , to maximum ultra. -dx10 -dx12 .It is still happening and the usage still seems way too high (70 to 90% lowest lows) with still dips to 50%

I believe it may be caused by some form of leak, the anti-cheat messing with windows priority or blocking my things in the background, a bad render issues or a hard-forced v-sync that dips my gpu to 50% so it can be stable at 30fps .

Note that this is the only game that act this way, with horrible performance drops.

The temporary fix that seems to work is alt-tabbing clicking on something else and coming back to the game, sometimes seems to fix the issue for a few minutes to hour other times it doesn't. Restarting the game also sometimes work, but after 4 to 5 games its redoing it again. And finally rebooting, which helps most of the time still happens between the 4-5 to 8+ games. (Pretty random)

I've seen the problem occur more often when the first generator activated (or rarely its at the first skill check) Other time is during the first hook, and other times its when a chase occur.

Is there something leaking that happens as soon as an event begins??

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  • duality166duality166 Member Posts: 1

    PS5...latest patch causes server issues for EVERY match... excessive lag/delays.... absolutely unplayable....reinstalled the game, adjust router and all possible workarounds. PATCH BROKEN

  • LunisfordLunisford Member Posts: 2

    They seem to be ignoring every post about the game freezing or being unstable.

    In a general fix, its written "If your game suffer from freeze or lag spike, its because the system lack ressource for the game" Basically saying its a YOU problem, yet people could have i9, an rtx 3080 32 gb or ram and still have those issues.

    I've also tried everything, but sincerely I think about stopping playing the game, so many of my friends left for similar issues. Dev's don't seem to care much but maybe i'm wrong!

  • Jess2eazyJess2eazy Member Posts: 3

    on my ps4 pro , my game has been freezing/ stuck on menu, survivor screen , and if I do get into a lobby and start loading into a game it’s just a black screen or loading bar never loads , it sucks !!! Was playing fine 1-2 weeks ago.

  • eisenbunseisenbuns Member Posts: 1

    I'm on PC and I just wanted to reiterate that I'm having the EXACT same issues. I have long been able to run the game on Ultra settings without issue, but a few patches ago I had to change to low settings to get good performance, and now even on low, I am getting the worst stutter/lag.

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