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CsakPatrikCsakPatrik Member Posts: 1

I think dead by daylight customers need to fix the rank system, bc i play on rank 10 (killer) the survivor rank 1-5.

Or i play survivor (rank 9) the killer rank 1. So please don't play: i think we did a pretty god job so far, if you cant fix this.

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  • InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 186
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    This isn't an optimization issue, but the answer is essentially the following:

    The reason why you get matches with a wider range of player ability than it should be is mostly due to an imbalance of players queuing for matches on each side at different times.

    For example, I often find that the survivor : killer ratio in the evenings is greater than it should be (potentially because people are more likely to play with friends in the evening, therefore increasing the amount of SWF groups), which causes survivor queues to rise and killer queues to fall.

    It also causes less experienced killers to be matched against more experienced survivors due to there simply not being sufficient killers of the same ability in the queue. Naturally, the opposite can occur under opposite circumstances.

    Even with the new MMR system, it's a very difficult problem to solve, because there's only so much that can be done from a technical standpoint to make matchmaking more fair.

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