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Killer Instinct Chapter Idea (killer only)

Onyx_BlueOnyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

Due to the idea being a licensed chapter from the fighting game 'Killer Instinct' it felt right to make it a killer only chapter, since a survivor with fighting skills and powers would be weird to see suddenly defenceless in dbd. Hope you enjoy :)

The Riptor


24m 🎯

Average ↕

Power: Primal Run

A savage, clever and patient hunter. Reborn from the advanced genesplicing at UltraTech with intentions of being an organic weapon for war, she is imbued with lethal abilities.

Press the Power Button to activate Primal Run, while active you enter into a rampage like state for 30 seconds, experiencing a moderately reduced turn rate and a 20% increase in movement speed.

An injured or healthy survivor that is hit by Primal Run is Snapped up into your jaws and carried along with your rampage. Other Survivors can still be injured and downed during the Primal Run but do not get Snapped. After Primal Run ends, the survivor that is Snapped is immediately released with the Deep Wound status effect.

Experience a 1.5 second fatigue.

Primal Run also allows survivors in the Dying State to be Snapped and carried. This counts as a carry allowing the Snapped survivor to be placed onto a Hook; hooking a Survivor during Primal Run immediately ends the ability. Primal Run does not trigger carry related perks.

Being stunned during Primal Run does not end the power, but does cause the full stun duration and immediately releases a Snapped survivor.

Primal Run has a 45 second cooldown.

Special Ability: Flame Breath

She was created to break through enemy defences and devour all in her path.

- start with 3 tokens that replenish over a short period of time upon use.

- press the Secondary Ability Button to breathe a Fireball, consuming 1 token.

- press and hold the Secondary Ability button to breath multiple fireballs in quick succession, consuming up to all 3 tokens.

Fireballs can be used to break dropped pallets and breakable walls. Any Breakable Wall or Pallet that is struck by a Fireball takes 8 seconds to break and causes Survivors that vault or attempt to reset it one health state of damage.

Burning pallets that are reset in time are extinguished and do not break.


Pack Mentality - your predatorial instincts allow you to detect the more vulnerable of your prey with ease.

Whenever a survivor is 56m/48m/40m away from a teammate, they are revealed to you via Killer Instinct.

This perk does not trigger on survivors that are currently being chased.

This perk enters into a 10 second cooldown when you initiate a chase with an affected survivor.

"The Stalkers hunted their prey as a pack, dissecting them one-by-one." - Narrator

Hex: Apex Predator - your heightened senses and abilty to stalk and track even the most elusive and alert of prey makes you a terrifying hunter.

Whenever a survivor stops running, they continue to leave scratch marks while walking or crouch walking for 3/4/5 seconds.

"The Stalkers have the instincts and brutality of a Raptor, the obediance of a human soldier and synthetic UltraTech genes." - Narrator

Untamable Hunger - your ferocity and dangerous hunger for blood means the trauma and wounds you inflict are deeper and more painful.

The efficiency of detrimental status effects inflicted by your hand are increased by 15%/20%/25%.

"Riptor will savor her meal." - Narrator


UltraTech HQ - Lab & Combat Testing Facility


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