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PS4/ Mic/ 18+/ tired of having mild strokes playing solo que

MidwestMidwest Member Posts: 4

Looking for new friends to link up and SWF! *clicks flashlight aggressively* add me!

psn: Midwest_JxC #9b18


  • HyrumDHyrumD Member Posts: 5

    Do you use discord to talk? I play on pc.

    discord: Hyrum#6343

  • MidwestMidwest Member Posts: 4

    PlayStation party chat. I’ve used discord to chat tho.

  • FloppyUndergoFloppyUndergo Member Posts: 1

    Add meeeeeee! Psn- aj17951

    I've been looking for someone to play with forever now! I'm a p3 ash main. Former rank 4 too.

  • AustinatorAustinator Member Posts: 5

    Im down! Psn- austinator948

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