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Ps4 Pro , freezing and stuck on screens

Jess2eazyJess2eazy Member Posts: 3

Hello ! I was playing dbd on my ps4 pro just fine about 1-2 weeks ago but recently everytime I try to join a game it freezes and gets stuck on the loading into a game page , so I deleted and reinstalled DBD just to see it get worse , now it freezes on the menu , stays on black screen , freezes on survivors screen , completely gets stuck on anything now , and if I do get into a lobby and ready up , it’s just a black screen .. I also revoked my consent and accepted it again , restarted my ps4 pro, still the same issues . Can anyone help me please ?


  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    That's odd. Does it have lots of room for ventilation?

  • Jess2eazyJess2eazy Member Posts: 3

    Yes it does , I had the pro unplugged all day and just now I tried it again and everything was running fine and once I got to the party lobby it froze again , restarted dbd then got a No Network Connection message on dbd. But my internet is working fine .

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    Huh, okay. So the only thing I can recommend is doing the usual stuff like rebooting the router and trying a different DNS server.

    HOWEVER, I know the "No Network Connection" bug is being looked into by the team atm. So that might be related to your issue.

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