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This game HAS to do a better job of spawning survivors and killers farther apart.

This used to only happen to me occasionally, now it's like 60 to 70 percent of games. The camera rotates, I gain control of my character, and within less than 30 seconds the killer chase music is already coming at me. I mean my god, I haven't even been given the time to know which direction to go or what the layout of the map is. let alone come anywhere near a generator, and the killer is already chasing me. I just recorded a match where the killer was near me, and heading straight for another survivor, in literally about 10 seconds or less. That's absolutely ridiculous.

Go left, go right, move forward, go straight into hiding, run, crouch, it doesn't seem to matter. No perks are being used that should magnetize the killer to the survivors not just myself, though it's happening constantly) but to other players who I've asked about this issue as well.

I don't complain about much in this game. I think that it's reasonably balanced and that both sides have their pros and cons. I don't think that much about this game is unfair. But literally starting the survivor's game RIGHT by the killer - we're talking within like 100, 200 feet of them, easily within eyesight - is too much. WAY too much. I'm begging you to please look into this.

Thank you.


  • ILikeBonezILikeBonez Member Posts: 82

    Only when generator times become a hinderance to do solo vs a group - then I can get on board with survivors being force-spawned farther from the killer; and on top of that, they should be force spawned away from each other in that case too -- to compensate having to cross an entire map nearly to start finding someone.

    In the current game, that would give too much time to gen rush even worse than is possible now - so random spawn distance it is.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    I have no problem spawning far away from fellow survivors too. That's a fair trade if something like what I'm asking were to be implemented.

    All I want is a fair game, and having the killer literally one room (or, again, a few hundred feet) away from you RIGHT at the start of the match seems really unreasonable to me. If there's a minimum distance in place right now, it sure isn't enough.

  • ILikeBonezILikeBonez Member Posts: 82

    No, i get it - but generator times would need to be addressed. Currently, it far more efficient for 3 survivors to do 3 gens in 80 seconds each instead of teaming up -- and that needs to change. Solo-gen repair should be a last resort, not the preferred method. So, with the survivors being forced apart - the gen times need to be changed so they aren't being given an advantage because of being able to hit multiple generators at once much easier.

  • NeonFlowerPowerNeonFlowerPower Member Posts: 135

    Gen speeds are fine and you shouldn't be hiding anyway. Unless you're playing against cheat slinger, learn to run tiles better.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Honestly if there were a way to spread everyone apart so that the killers weren't within ten or twenty seconds of a survivor, and a suevivor wasn't within ten or twenty seconds of a generator, to me that would be sufficient. That said, if killers feel that gens get done too fast, I'd be open to some kind of compromise in that area too.

    I know that a lot of survivors wouldn't want that, but I honestly don't believe that most survivors have encountered the issue that I'm having. Literally twice in a row now (in between these messages) either I or another survivor was being chased by a killer within about twelve seconds. As I've said elsewhere, that's not even long enough to find one's bearings and develop even a little bit of spacial awareness, let alone find (or come anywhere near completing) their first generator.

    It's just ridiculous, especially when there are perks that disable generators at the start as well. I've been spawned into games, slowly tried to creep around and find a sort of relatively safe-seeming area to start working from, and I see a generator that's locked by the Entity. Boom, now I'm being chased. What actual chance did I have? What could I have possibly done? I hate to use the term "it isn't fair" but in all objectivity, it really isn't.

    Hell, even a 30 second invincibility for survivors and a 30 second lock on the generators would suit me just fine. Just give me a chance to actually PLAY after spending a good five minutes waiting for a match, you know?

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Hiding isn't the issue here. I don't spend the game hiding. My point is that regardless of how conservatively (sneaking, NOT hiding, which a perfectly acceptable strategy) or how recklessly (running full speed to get to a different part of the map), I'm constantly encountering the killer almost immediately at the start of the match. I'm not the only one this is happening to. It's a problem.

    Imagine playing a game of hide and seek, or tag, where you and the other person are on either side of the killer shack. That's basically what I'm dealing with and it's happening on a near-constant basis.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Just played a match in Gideon's warehouse. All the survivors spawned against the exit, so we had nowhere to go but forward. We managed to get as far as the end of that little room before Freddy's terror radius hit and he came through the next room over.

    Six seconds. All four survivors had six seconds to somehow defend themselves against this. Real nice.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    I appreciate your advice and understand why you think it would work, I actually assumed the same. The thing is that, literally, the killer shows up before I can really do ANYTHING. I'm not saying that I should be able to get at least 1 free gen or anything like that, or that the killer should never be near me. Nothing unfair like that. I just mean that for the first month that I played the game I was able to run (literally) around the map a bit, travel maybe partway through it before spotting the killer somewhere nearby, etc. Now, more and more and more often, the killer is like RIGHT around the corner as soon as the game begins. That Gideon's example was the worst so far. 6 seconds without exaggeration. We had no choice but to move in one direction, forward, to even leave the room. And just as we did, Freddy was within range. There was no strategy we could employ, nowhere we could go. The only thing we could have done was all just run like bats out of hell out of that room in every random direction we could think of, which may have worked in that case but would probably run us smack into the killer in any other case.

    I don't mind the killer finding us, that's part of the game. Nothing unfair about the interactions or anything like that. I just like to have a CHANCE to move away from the spawn point, actually go INTO the map before the killer is already right there in my face. It's honestly as if the killers are all using an offering I never saw before which reads "start the trial as close as possible to the survivors".

  • ILikeBonezILikeBonez Member Posts: 82

    Gen speeds are not fine though - and the only ones that tend to think they are fine are the Devs that don't want to math it out more; and solo-play Survivors primarily. Or, SWF Survivors that like being able to speed the gens down - because no one wants to actually play the matches when they get in them and want them done asap so they can go back to lobby simulator for some reason lol.

    Most of the players that think gen speeds are fine, just don't really want the matches to take longer or to "M1 Simulator" for longer really. But really - the entire game needs an overhaul in mechanics because gen speeds need to be addressed to not reward solo-repairing and encourage team-play and teaming up on a gen to be more efficient (currently it is the opposite, more efficient to do multiple gens solo); the state of items need to be adjusted because most of them are either incredibly lackluster or they can be stupidly strong with really no in between.

    Hiding from the killer should be much more common instead of trolling the killer and actively engaging with them - but no, that's too boring for the dev playtesters so, forget having an actual "horror scenario" mentality in this game in that regard. Maps need less "tiles tiles tiles" argument, more randomized placements with better algorithms....

    There's a lot that this game needs but will never happen either because it's too logical; too much work; or the devs that playtest the game find it boring and thus, it won't happen (my personal belief why a ton of Survivor-side changes get brushed aside until years pass and they pick one to implement, like DS).

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 6,110

    part of the issue with "gen speeds'' is some of the map sizes so I don't really think it's the speed. Also you have plenty of slowdown perks you can slap on if you wanna slow down progress.

  • ILikeBonezILikeBonez Member Posts: 82

    The problem with slowdown perks is when they were working really well- they got nerfed in synergy because the devs "do not want generator slowdown perks to synergize with one another that strongly". Not to mention, most of the 'slowdown' perks do not just directly slowdown generator speeds - they're a convulsed mixture of playing particular playstyles to achieve that slowdown.

    And you shouldn't need to building specifically for gen slowdown just to make a match actually last a decent length - that should be the base with gen slowdowns making the matches even longer. So sure, there is a generator slowdown meta build - but devoting an entire build to something that should be baseline addressed is just bad.

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