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Is Spirit Balanced?

SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 1,255
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Vote on how balanced you think spirit is

Is Spirit Balanced? 53 votes

The Spirit's base kit is too strong
xtr4meTheGannManThr_ustIWasLeft2DiePantlessMyersBadonkadonkSplatman08Demogorgeouse 8 votes
The Spirit has add-ons that are too strong
SurvJoeInsaneCoasterSebaOutbreakLumionestyTripleStealDistortedDream 6 votes
The Spirit's base kit and add-ons are too strong
TapeKnotHoodiedSkeletalEliteMrPenguinSillierHorizon5AhoyWolfPlantCollectorlandromatDoug_FSlamitieGenerator_RepairerPixel_BoomBotDerZuntorglitchboiDudelPumaAceWishIcouldmainbeachedGuiltiiryseterionXxX_KILLER_MAIN_XxX 20 votes
The Spirit's fine as is
GibberishAdelooBlueberryDimekTaigaGlamourousLeviathanWarcrafter4Bigbubbabam270UndershotFrankCamporrison 10 votes
The Spirit's base kit isn't strong enough
WoodywoolDbD_Enjoyer 2 votes
The Spirit's add-ons are not strong enough
The Spirit's base kit and add-ons are not strong enough
Other (please comment)
musstang62DawnMadMadLordJackCrowmanYordsQwQwyikesama 7 votes


  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 1,255
    The Spirit's base kit and add-ons are too strong

    I think duration add-ons are too strong because they also help her recharge faster.

    I think they should reintroduce the bug from a few patches back where you could hear her during a phase because it gave survivors a little bit of information on what she was doing in the chase which let them make smarter choices.

  • InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 181
    The Spirit has add-ons that are too strong

    Although her basekit is no doubt one of the strongest (if not the strongest) in the game, I can deal with it mostly fine. I think the real problems lie with her add-ons. There are some that are simply ridiculously overpowered, and with a decent player are borderline uncounterable in far too many scenarios for survivors.

  • DbD_EnjoyerDbD_Enjoyer Member Posts: 121
    The Spirit's base kit isn't strong enough

    The recharge time and duration on base kit, needs a buff.

  • yikesamayikesama Member Posts: 20
    edited May 2
    Other (please comment)

    The Spirit is not "Broken" or "OP" as alot of people say, like "theres no counterplay she is so Broken" yeah well Iron Will and Spine Chill would be an Option.

    Spirit is as fine as she is but i need to say Spirit with Ultra rares and Stridor is very very Strong and there could be some options for buffs.

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  • ryseterionryseterion Member Posts: 65
    The Spirit's base kit and add-ons are too strong

    Considering how oppresive this killer is, no it doesnt

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 1,793
    The Spirit's base kit and add-ons are too strong

    Overall, Spirit needs a nerf, or even a rework.

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 1,637
    Other (please comment)

    Well her duration addons are bugged and also make her power recharge faster which should get fixed. But overall I don't think her addons or basekit is too strong.

    Spirit does have some counterplay, but I feel a lot of her counterplay is currently too unreliable and should be adjusted so survivors have better opportunities to counterplay spirit.

  • YordsYords Member Posts: 4,173
    Other (please comment)

    The thing with spirit is that I can't tell if she is op or not. If she is played by someone who has a good headset, it doesn't matter if you have iron will because you are screwed. On average though, she can be somewhat dealt with.

    She has no counterplay, but her power is not necessarily OP because it still has a cooldown. Now nurse on the other hand, lol SHE is OP.

    She definitely needs a nerf, or better yet a rework that is well-done. I don't want a repeat of freddy's rework, I want a rework that makes spirit have counterplay, still strong, and overall fun to play. But this is just a dream honestly...

  • BadonkadonkBadonkadonk Member Posts: 25
    The Spirit's base kit is too strong

    I forgot most of her addons, but I think most of the really messed up ones have been fixed (if not I guess fix her addons?). Otherwise, honestly, her power would be fine, just give the survivors some sort of cue to be able to tell where the spirit will be coming from or just some actually useful info without the use or need for perks.

    I dunno if you'd really call it her 'kit' it's mostly just people asking for more information when she phases.

  • DawnMadDawnMad Member Posts: 772
    Other (please comment)

    Her basekit is very balanced in high skill matches. Her addons are pretty problematic since stronger ones can make her a bit overpowered. Her information also needs fixing since in lower skill matches she is much easier to play than face, give something to work with to those survivors and she will be fine.

    Oh also injured sounds are a big problem, she shouldn't be able to hear them while she is phasing at all. Just being able to hear breathing, grass and footsteps makes her phasing much more balanced.

  • DistortedDreamDistortedDream Member Posts: 299
    The Spirit has add-ons that are too strong

    Her base kit is strong, but balanced. The main issue is that most of her add-ons (Mainly the Mother Daughter Ring + Yakuyoke Amulet combo) can be too powerful or downright overpowered.

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