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M&A Jumpscare Myers

TumbleElfTumbleElf Member Posts: 10

i was watching a video on scratched mirror Myers, and I saw that they were using monitor and abuse.

doesnt tier 1 Michael have no terror radius? Why do people use M&A?

Best Answer

  • DoritoHeadDoritoHead Member Posts: 1,245
    Accepted Answer

    Maybe for the FOV boost so that they can see more auras, but in that case why not run Shadowborn? They probably forgot to take it off.


  • NullclinesNullclines Member Posts: 205

    Yeah, that doesn't make much sense. Eiher they were meming, slapped on random stealth perks and didnt realise, or used it for the FOV (and didn't have Shadowborn).

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