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Dead by daylight and Microsoft robbed me

I ordered a $10 auric purchase and as soon as I click the button it said that I received it but I didn't receive anything. I got in touch with Microsoft they told me to come to this company to get a refund and they in turn brought me back to Microsoft and I asked for a refund and instead of actually giving me a refund they put you in the computer system where the computer will tell you without no uncertain terms that they will not give you a refund at all. It was $10 and both companies work together to take money from me and refuse to give it back. Do not purchase anything from their market!! I can't stress this enough! Both companies are negligent and you'll never get to talk to an actual live person.


  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 12,758

    I'm sorry but we're not able to assist with this problem on the forums. You would definitely need to contact Support again - they are not bots, they are real people. As far as I'm aware purchasing of Auric Cells is between you and the platform that you purchased on, which would be Microsoft, if Support directed you back to Microsoft I am sure that is because the purchase didn't go through our end, but they will be able to explain that to you.

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