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What is this error?

RiquanRiquan Member Posts: 47

I played 3 games and I get no bloodpoints after the game. What is this error and how can I fix it? I had this error once again last year. Can someone help me?


  • some_guy1some_guy1 Member Posts: 117
  • RiquanRiquan Member Posts: 47

    The answer to my ticket is: Restart the game, Test the issue a littler later.

    Nice support, nice.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    Unfortunately, I normally have to send people to support to fix that.

    Now, other users have said that using a VPN fixes it, but I CANNOT recommend that in good concience, as it's against steam TOS and I don't want to say "Oh hey, go buy this service and it'll fix it."

    I would reply to them, say it doesn't work and submit your logs so they can try and get it fixed.

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