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What are the latest stats?

ASurvkillivorerASurvkillivorer Member Posts: 1,153

For killers kill rate. Survivor escape rate etc?


  • Werelywoods234Werelywoods234 Member Posts: 182

    It actually depends on how well you play like for killer and survivor like patrolling generators, finding survivors, Sacrificing survivors, having successful chases with killer, doing generators, escaping a chase, opening gates and escaping, helping survivors, finding items in chests, and cleansing totems (the last one is optional but if you see a hex totem cleanse it). But just don't cleanse the totem if you see the Spirit or the Deathslinger, those are the tips that I can give you.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 12,606

    We don't regularly show stats because it always leads to drama, people want to see what they want to see and when the stats disprove that - we tend to get more disagreements on the forums. Also, people try to make out things about that stats that really don't exist no matter how we explain it, this is why it's been a long while since any stats were shared.

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