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Computer Restarting While Playing

jenitalsjenitals Member Posts: 1

At this point I can't even play the game anymore. It restarts anywhere from right when I launch it, during the intro scene, to middle of matches. I have a brand new PC I just finished building like two weeks ago, and the issues started today. I've tried validating my files, updating my drivers, turning off auto restart on system failure, etc. On the Event Viewer I'm getting a Kernel Power 41 Error.


  • ilikewingsilikewings Member Posts: 3

    Try updating your BIOS. That worked for me.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    Kernel Power 41 Error

    ^ that's your issue. I'd try what the other user suggested, but since windows is saying it's a power issue, it's WAY more likely to be a power issue. What are your specs? You said you just finished building it, so did you get a new PSU too?

  • LuloLulo Member Posts: 14

    Same, any solutions yet? I literally have a new PSU (EVGA 650 GT supernova) and run Rainbow six siege (ultra graphics) very well, it never crashes. But when I play DBD It just keep restarting. Can anyone tell me why more demanding games than DBD run without any problem, but when I try to play DBD on low graphics and low fps it always ends up restarting my computer

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    Because different programs tax systems in different ways. I use DbD, Minecraft and Warframe to test overclocking stability.

    DbD: Will crash on a bad core or memory overclock on the GPU.

    Minecraft: Will crash on a bad CPU overclock.

    Warframe: Will cause severe FPS drops or crash on a bad RAM overclock.

    What GPU have you got and how is the power hooked up? Cos it might be worth using 2 PCI-E power cables instead of a single one (if you're doing that to plug into 2 connectors on the GPU, of course)

  • LuloLulo Member Posts: 14

    I have a GTX 1660 refurb but have had no problems when I benchmark it (I get max temperatures of 70 C). My VGA has only one connector so I use a PCI-E power cable.

    I was looking more into my PSU since I have read in several discussions that the most likely reason for the Kernel Power 41 Error is because of the PSU. I found that my PSU (EVGA 650 GT) has auto ECO mode, which means that its fan will only turn on above certain temperatures. 

    I'm speculating, but I think the power demand that DBD asks for is so high in such a short time, that it makes the PSU temperature rise too high and it doesn't give the fan time to turn on and the PSU shuts down and causes the computer to reboot. What do you think about this?

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    If you're getting Kernel Power errors, then it's definitely the PSU. It's likely NOT related to temps of the power supply (though I think most PSU's have a button on the back to turn eco mode off), but it IS likely it's getting a power draw spike it's not happy with.

  • LuloLulo Member Posts: 14

    A friend of mine is going to lend me his PSU to test if my computer still shuts down with DBD, let's hope that's it because I can still ask for a refund and exchange mine. I will keep you posted on any updates.

  • LuloLulo Member Posts: 14
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    Nope, I just tried with another PSU I just bought and it keeps rebooting only when I play DBD. Minecraft, Rainbow six siege, Detroit are games that I also have and they run perfectly without causing my pc to reboot. It is unfortunate but I would think that seeing that I am not the only case, there is a big problem with this game that does not allow several users to play it without rebooting the computer. I hope that one day this problem will be solved, for the moment this game will be saved in my library without being played.

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  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    UPS has nothing to do with with it. It's the PSU INSIDE YOUR SYSTEM that needs to be changed.

  • LuloLulo Member Posts: 14

    Sorry, I misspelled. I meant the PSU, I used an EVGA 650 GT and an EVGA 650 GA (both new), and it still keeps rebooting. I'm coming to consider updating my BIOS (I currently have version 2607, for a TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) motherboard).

  • LuloLulo Member Posts: 14

    Eureka! the problem was with the BIOS, which I find curious since the version I had was released in August last year. I upgraded to this year's version and so far my computer has not rebooted again when I play DBD. Although my computer would suddenly reboot without warning, and had a Kernel power error after every reboot, it was NEVER about the PSU; please keep this possibility in mind for future people who have the same situation as me, as it might save them from having to buy another PSU, when the problem might be something else.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 6,423

    Huh, well then. Good to know. Thanks for the info. :) In the past it's always been the PSU which is why I went there.

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