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regarding survivor skill level

TumbleElfTumbleElf Member Posts: 16
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im currently rank 15 on survivor and every time i play my teamates are utter garbage.

for example: we all spawn in the killer shack next to a gen, i work on the gen and the rest run into the basement or run away. like thats complete common sense!

i got chased for like 6 minutes straight and not a single gen popped!

people also die immediately in chase and always find a way to get tunneled or kill themselves on hook.

the opposite to this is killer:

im currently rank 9 on killer and when i play i often get SWF squads or really good players. how does this work?

Im hardly ever put with players at my skill level! Please explain how match marking works (i know its in a bad state) or maybe let me know if this gets better over time/ranking up!


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  • ClericaClerica Member Posts: 5
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    "for example: we all spawn in the killer shack next to a gen, i work on the gen and the rest run into the basement or run away. like thats complete common sense!"

    I mostly agree with the others here, but I wanted to address this particular part because... well it really just shows that you have very little experience in the game. I'm not sure why you're upset about these survivors not, what, 4-manning a gen with you?

    Here's why: it's awful game sense. For two reasons:

    • One: If the killer finds one of you, he finds all of you, and then NOBODY's on a gen for however long. It's much better to be spread out and guarantee that the killer can only push one person off of a gen at a time.
    • Two: Gen progress is slowed down the more people that are on it. You get more bang for your buck if four people are on four gens, then if four people are on one gen, by a LOT.

    Just learning the game and how to play and pip (notice I didn't say survive) without depending on the other survivors will get you through most of your issue. Yes, if the stars align, and 3 people dc and the killer has every "I see you" perk in the game, slams the hatch shut, and camps the two doors which unfortunately spawned right next to each other, then yes, obviously, there's not a lot you can do. But at some point in learning the game, you realize that the goal isn't surviving; it's pipping. So, if circumstances fuck you over, then your goal changes from pipping to safety pipping. Hopefully next game goes better.

    You have a rather impressive victim mindset. If you don't know what that is, Google or YouTube it. You usually see it in League of Legends, hurts my soul a bit to see it in Dead By Daylight, not gonna lie. Good luck!


  • PantlessMyersPantlessMyers Member Posts: 661

    As a survivor, you basically have to grit your teeth and play as well as you can every match. Spend as much time on generators as you can (preferably alone), rescue your team-mates safely, heal them and be over-all very helpful to them and as you said, you have no problems evading the killer for long amounts of time. If you have free time, cleanse totems, open chests and gates for additional points and emblem score. Eventually you will rank up to a place where you'll feel much more comfortable. Definitely run Kindred - the information it provides in the solo queue is priceless. Limit the amount of time that you spend standing still - not doing any objective - as much as you can.

    It's true that killers get mismatched often because there seem to be fewer higher rank killers than there are survivors. It's believed to be easier to rank up as survivors and also there are many more of them than killers. This can be both frustrating and helpful at the same time. Nothing will teach you the game faster than playing against skilled players - so again, grit your teeth :D Eventually, you'll start winning these matches and rank up all the quicker.

    Playing both sides is an excellent way to improve and understand the game better. It still takes time to learn all that it takes to be truly good at DBD. My approximation would be anywhere between 100-300 hours to reach red ranks - meaning you know all the basics. Only then the real work begins :D

  • DerZuntorDerZuntor Member Posts: 267

    On survivor the most teammates you get are either terrible or somewhat good but only know team play from fairy tales, sometimes you get good teammates and easily escape, like it happened to me a couple of days ago, I only got excellent teammates the whole evening and escaped 8 from my 9 games.

    On Killer there are days were you only get total bots and win all of your rounds, then there are days when you only get sweat squads and lose most of your rounds. When I was a green rank Killer I played against red ranks almost every match and lost almost all of them but after 1 - 2 weeks I reached Rank 1 and started to win against even super good players.

    There isn't really anything you can do against that until MMR comes out other than just play and try to improve as good as you can.

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