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I just made someone RQ from chase...

GardeniaGardenia Member Posts: 1,143

I'm playing Jane (my boo) and I was going against a deathslinger and was putting up a really good chase, then he rage quit.

I'm not gloating, I'm just confused because I don't know how quite to feel. I feel good but also sad because the game is really fun when survivors put up a good chase....

Community tell me, am I missing something?


  • TragicSolitudeTragicSolitude Member Posts: 5,050

    The threshold for when a challenge goes from being fun to frustrating is different for everyone. It gets frustrating faster if the person has multiple bad matches in a row (we can't know for sure if that's what happened in this case, but it's often a good bet).

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    There's also the chance their net flaked out. Or steam had a hiccup. I once watched a small streamer drop a match due to a net hiccup, but they did not lose the stream.

    Two of the survivors were in an SWF and came onto the stream to bully him & insult him for 'DCing' and refused to listen when everyone told the morons that he had a net hiccup. They just assumed they were so undeniably awesome that they forced the Killer to DC, and thus he deserved their vitriol.

  • HollowsGriefHollowsGrief Member Posts: 1,498

    You are aware he could of d/ced right? That happens to me sometimes, I'll be chasing or even outright winning the match then I suddenly d/c and it kicks me out of the match.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 4,460

    Some people are just bad sports. I see people rage quit, or just plain give up all the time. It is pathetic. There is no shame in getting beat; it is the measure of a person in how they handle losing, and turning that experience into the skills to do better next time.

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