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Nintendo Switch, Optimization really Needed.

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Before i write this report, i want to let anybody who reads this report know that this isn't an Insult nor attack, to the Dbd Dev Team, Nintendo or anyone mentioned in this report. This is simply an question to ask for better optimization on the Nintendo Switch. The First time i have bought Dead by daylight for my Nintendo Switch system was around december 2020 and Ever since that time i played it constantly. (I bought my Nintendo Switch system in 2017.) I Remember that the performance was not being completely stable, but stable enough to do generators or escape killers. Since the New updates have arrived, the performance has suffered more and more critical hits until on my System, it got unplayable and i needed to switch onto my Computer to play Dead by daylight. The only problem now is that all my precious progress is completely gone and i can only access it over my Nintendo Switch now, including: Perks, Bloodpoints, levels, Survivors, Killers, Cosmetics from the shop, the rift, and more. I have seen multiple Youtube videos on the same gameplay of Dbd and it seems like other Nintendo Switch players seem to have huge Framerate problems too.

Currently Problems i have encountered:

-Cosmetics are unwearable and if Killers and other survivors, including the player themselfes wear them, the Framerate of the game gets very critical and feels like 16-21 Fps. The only Cosmetics that worked for me was playing as Meg Thompson with her prestige outfit and the cosmetic hair you recived from the now closed rift. However, Fps still felt like 17-24.

-The Lighting/Gamma of the game on the Nintendo Switch System is very, very dark and most of the times you cannot directly see anything because of the darkness. Changing the Lighting settings on the Switch to completely high, doesnt change anything at all and since there is no Lighting Option in the Settings, this needs to be fixed in my opinion.

-Lobby, The shop and the rift are completely ok with the framerate and accessing something is no problem, as far as i have seen. Its a tiny bit Clunky but everything is working as it is supposed to and therefore this doesnt need to be fixed.

-Core Game/In-Game playing is absouloutely frustrating with the current Framerates, When in an chase with the Killer, the framerate is constantly going down, especially when the killer gets very close. This makes escaping impossible and when hooked by the Killer the framerate gets only an not noticeable bit better.( When the Killer wears an cosmetic themselves, the framerate is also going down completely.) When looking into diffrent directions with the survivor the frame rate gets very critical and sometimes this can be very frustrating if another teamate is hooked and you want to save them or the killer is nearby and you need to hide. As for Killers, the same issue occurs, when wearing cosmetics, the framerate will get very low and chasing survivors, hooking them and hitting them is impossible too. As stated in another bug report of mine the performance lags get also so critical that Objects suddendly disapear and the only thing visible then is where an survivor is located, may it be an locker or behind an pallet. So i hope that this critical problem will and can be fixed on the Nintendo Switch system since it would also mean that Dead by Daylight is playable again and that the issue is finally out of the way.

-If there is too much fog around the map the Framerate will decrease further.

-If an Flashlight is Being used it can also cause Performance problems which are not good since when using them the goal is the Blind the Killer and when the Framerate is too low for that doing then the Killer can easily take down the survivor.

These were all stated and encountered problems on the Nintendo Switch, i have encountered. I do hope that the Dev's can somehow fix them and Bring back the performance to the game. However, if this is Nintendo's responsibility and the Dev's are not accosiated with the performance of Dead by Daylight on the Nintendo switch in any way, Then this post is useless and can therefore be deleted. Im not really in knowledge of programming video games nor do i know everything about computers, but on other Multiplayer titles i have played on the switch, it seems like they used an technique where the objects textures were being rendered when entering that location but when leaving that location the Textures are being dissrendered and therefore the new entered location is being rendered. However, i dont know the complexity and what works and what not for Dead by Daylight, therefore, i dont want to bring any false accusations onto this report. Thank you for reading this Report.

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