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What do you guys think of the update so far ?



  • BlazelskiBlazelski Member Posts: 198

    The changes are great overall. Black Box probably needs further buffs or to be reworked. What's here is mostly great, my only complaint is that perk changes are coming way too slowly. You can safely give buffs to terrible perks like Wake Up!.

  • NoxeriasNoxerias Member Posts: 83
  • PredatedPredated Member Posts: 1,151

    I personally see no issue with that tho. To me:

    Iri addons either need to be very strong with a strong negative, or a niche use. You're not going to be able to run pink addons every single games, so why do you want the best addons to be pink(the best addons are not always the strongest addons, Myers' hairbow is arguably his best addon to use, but Tombstone Piece is by far his strongest addon, for example).

    So I would WANT my pink addons to only be a niche use.

    The grey and yellow addons are the addons that I would WANT to use most. They are the most common addons in the web, they are by far the most addons I will have in my arsenal, why should I not want the best addons to be yellow and brown?

    Then we have the greens, which should be in the range of addons that either are an upgrade on the yellow and brown addons, or start to be addons that work well with the pink niche ones(I rather have Myers' Boyfriends Memo to be a green or purple addon, right now I have 250 Boyfriends Memo's and only 35 scratched mirrors, I rather have 250 Dead Rabbits or 250 Memorial Flowers).

    Then the purple ones, which, imo, should either hold an upgraded green addon or be addons with niche uses in the first place. The Brown and Yellow addons SHOULD be the addons you want to get the most use out of. They are by far the addons you will own the most off.

    Piggy, in that sense, is one of the few killers that actually has an accurate depiction of what addons should be like. Her most used addons are her most common ones, but she can still use addons that have much more niche use than her browns or yellows.

  • CrypticghoulCrypticghoul Member Posts: 414

    After playing it for a few hours, it's a really good update. No bugs I've run into yet. Pallet stuns are fixed so I can actually run Enduring Spirit Fury and try out Smash Hit.

    They need to go back to the drawing board on the Twins change (especially since the animation doesn't match, making It feel really weird) but otherwise there's a lot of great changes and I have no complaints about the farm map changes so far.


  • LliartLliart Member Posts: 74

    I mean I wouldn't either, no way... Buuuuut this Twins change feels awfully similar to when the devs added double stun to Nurse in terms of clunkiness and sluggish gameplay. I agree that the patch is good on the whole, but nerfing a killer that is already rarely picked feels like a big mistake.

  • OddProvidenceOddProvidence Member Posts: 32

    Love it, finally fixed pallet glitches and nerfed one of the most braindead killers to play in the game. Love new lucky break, 45s makes the perk very fair and fun. New object is great too enjoying looping with it. Love the iri hatchet nerf and all the quality of life changes, great update overall 👍🏼

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 765

    Very displeased with the Twins changes, they took an already weaker killer and made them even weaker without addressing the thing that was an issue to begin with.

  • MichealMicheal Member Posts: 186

    Love the hooks no more people killing there salfs without getting banned.

    Now there can be more opportunities with Mattel of man with them geving up in your face half the time🥳

  • notstarboardnotstarboard Member Posts: 3,400
    edited May 5

    I'm curious to try it. That said, I don't think adding two seconds of cooldown after a successful hit is really a big deal, because this only applies after you down a survivor. It's not like it's extra punishment for missing a lunge; it's just making it harder to immediately chain to the next guy, because he has an extra two seconds to disappear or go for the crush. The intention is to deter Victor from snowballing, which I do agree was worth discouraging, and on paper it does seem like it should accomplish that.

    The Twins are just a design nightmare imo, and Victor's movement speed is one of the trickiest bits about it. At that speed with a 1 second charge time it's a bit too easy for him to land hits, but he can of course only land one unless he hits an injured survivor. SWFs can coordinate heals to make his snowballing less of a threat, but solos often get rocked because they'll have a much harder time finding a teammate to heal up. Charlotte being a base M1 killer without Victor is kind of a bummer too; I wish she had some unique characteristics herself. Then there's the fact that their power really encourages camping... I'm not even sure how I'd change them aside from a full rework. In the meantime, though, I'm happy with discouraging the Victor slug train. Pretty much anything that disproportionately hurts solo queue is something I'd support changing.

  • ryseterionryseterion Member Posts: 81

    I think new coldwind looks fantastic, but gameplay wise its way too survivor sided. Alot of the new loops you cant see over with safe pallets, and as killer gens fly even with ruin. I havent lost as survivor on coldwind yet even against really good killers. The jungle jims have been elongated at certain parts and i have no clue why, it makes them even closer to being killer shack. I do like the new harvester though and how there is only one way onto the hay instead of jumping onto it. I like all of the killer changes accept for twins. Twins did not need that much of a change and they went to hard on them. The breakable walls were thrown around for the most part, adding several infinite loops back (especially on cowshed). But since ive only played a few games on new coldwind i might just not be used to it. Your thoughts?

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 1,977
  • ryseterionryseterion Member Posts: 81

    Who said it was a god loop? The survivors can only ise it once before they will probably take a hit. Plus people are still trying to jump onto it from the front and dying. Its much better now

  • JudyIscariotJudyIscariot Member Posts: 33

    Coldwind: Maps are beautiful, I wish the ambient light was a liiittttle dimmer. It can sometimes make it really hard to see when aiming abilities, and is a bit bright for my tastes overall. Lighting similar to Dead Dawg might be good.

    Perk changes: Love them. I feel like Lucky Break could be fine at 60, but as is it's probably useful.

    Doctor: New visuals are great, not that I'm going to see them because they released an incredible crossover skin at the same time. (The Crypt TV skins as a whole are killer, please consider doing Sunny Family Cult legion).

    Demo buffs are great, Twins nerfs miss the mark on what the real problem is. (Kicking victor is pointless, he can be left to camp for free, etc)

  • OmansOmans Member Posts: 446

    As a Huntress main this is an extremely disappointing patch. I was expecting the devs to have at least some creativity and turn iri head into something fun, like for every hatchet hit you get a hatchet refund, or passively reloading hatchets, but no..it is the same super unfun add on, now with a limitation. Great job...

    I was sort of expecting it, though. After they left clown's one-shot add on in, I had a feeling they would do the same with iri heads.

    The people who use those add-ons will simply play exactly the same...camp first hook till death. Just super unfun.

    Also, removing the aura-reading potion for Huntress (her purple add on)...why? I don't think the devs realize what makes their game fun.

    Positive: fast flying hatchets are decent, nerfing exhaustion addon

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 956

    all the changes are worthless to me

    i only care about blight and trickster

    it's gotten to the point where i've been dragged into fortnite by friends, and you know what? i've been having a good time. both the solo and group experiences are much better in that game.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 2,456

    I like the motion blur in the lobbies, and the bad framerate even for Oni's charging up is gone. If we could fix the in-match framerate and put motion blur in-match, this would look like a AAA game.

  • MoundshroudMoundshroud Member Posts: 3,759

    I'm happy with the update so far; it has been a blast.

  • BangBangBangBang Member Posts: 155
    edited May 5

    I'd say this update is a nail in the coffin for my motivation against this game.

    BT works regardless the terror radius? Obsession is applied without any Obsession perks needed? Freaking 32m kindred with open handed?

    It's just making this game more boring and less required to think than ever.

  • Wrathclaw88Wrathclaw88 Member Posts: 8
    edited May 5

    After playing over 12-13 Hours from yesterday till now, i want to share my view as a killer main with you.

    The Cold-wind Map


    The Design and the graphics have a really great look

    The Brightness is very unique because it is even brighter than Dawg Saloon


    As a Killer you see a wall, when you look at the corn. For stalking killers like Myers and Ghostface it is even worse than the old version.

    But its not just a problem for stalking killers, like i said before in the killers view its just a wall.

    / And please disable it that cold-wind is 90% of the games actually and i mean 90% without being sacrifice

    Killer (Freddy)

    Freddy is still a solid killer, but the changes of the addons are ridicules. I don't think that most players will run them anymore. What helps it to make the noise of something louder - when i want to hear more i play stridor. This alone makes the whole add-ons useless.

    KIller (Huntress)

    There are some interest changes in the add-ons. Most survivors couldn't realize, that the huntress is suddenly so fast with the new purple.

    Killer (Twins)

    Why ... i am just asking why. Twins did really feel balanced overall - not op - not weak. This nerf from 3 - 5 Seconds are a very bad decision. Yes you can move while he is in Frenzy but without the speed addons you get kicked every single time. When Survs run together (what they do most of the time ( THANKS PROVE!!!!!!!) you mostly have no chance of getting them downed. It really feel unrewarding when you hit someone with good ol victor.

    Killer (Demogorgon)

    I´m very very disapointed that still 95% of the Addons features the portals. Aren´t there any ideas for making the shred more fun?

    --- Survivoraddons from the killers sight ---

    BT: I like the idea that BT hits when the surv gets from the hook - so far so nice - BUT its been abused as [Bad Word] It is a perk that the Killer can get you right of the hook again. But it is not for bodyblocking or take a tankhit for a mate. I got this in the most of my matches now and hell suddently i like to tunnel this survivor.

    Lucky: 45? Seconds not making scratchmarks or bleeding? Together with Iron Will you are Invincible for the Killer. Still WAY to much time!!!

    Everything that has to do with totems....

    WHAT THE ACTUALLY [REALLY BAD WORD] - My Hex Totems are so fast downed ... most of the games 1-2 minutes and they are done. Its not like Totems can be spawn everywhere - they have there spots - you can learn spots and you have the addons. Totems are pretty useless atm.


    Did you really think, that the time the hatch is open is the problem?? From 30 to 10 Seconds will solve the problem? The Survivor with the Key waits till the very last second and than he jumps into it - and mostly 1-2 of the survivors just jump in it too. Its still the same.

    HELL NO - The problem is still that they get ALL an free escape. It should be for ONE SUrvivor - NOT for all.


    DC Into Hatch: Dear Devs could you please .. pretty pretty please make it possible that the hatch DONT SPAWN if ANYONE DCS - AFTER The first gen is done. I know the most survs will now complain now and say, its pretty hard when you are only 3 people or less - I totally get it that it is hard but you can still archive everything!!! You can get everything done and get full points. This is not possible for Killers. And btw its totally frustrating when you dont even have time to search the hatch when a surv just dcs so his mate get the hatch for free and instant.

    New Hookmechanik in 2nd state

    I really like it - and it could get even better when the suicide wouldnt be still possible. Kick the mechanic out with 2 skillchecks that are not be done. Skillchecks to the end please. Suicide on purpose is still bad for killers and survivors.

    Have a nice day - and happy hunting/escaping on RIFT DAY :)

  • Kira4EvrKira4Evr Member Posts: 186

    I like the update. Haven't played much tho. Didn't really have the time to check out this update. But if I make a conclusion from the patch note, I really like this update xd

  • DarrellM74DarrellM74 Member Posts: 9

    This game is nearly unplayable as a survivor on the Xbox, I cant perform a rushed action that the game doesnt freeze or stick. I cant go out a window without being hit because I get out and stand there for 2 seconds while the game catches up. Dont run and drop a pallet cause again you just stand there. Hit boxes are still garbage, make it around a wall and 2 steps past a wall and then bam, hit from the other side of the wall its ridiculous. I literally just run and drop pallets early cause I cant use windows anymore and I gotta wait to continue running again. Please change the way this game plays or I will have to quit permanently this time like most people I know.

  • valvarez4valvarez4 Member Posts: 814

    I'm agree with if the hatch don't spawn if killers can't slug for the 4k

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 8,959

    You are proof that a tiny bit of communication goes a long way.

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 2,456

    What's wrong with it when implemented alongside stable fps?

  • BloodshadeBloodshade Member Posts: 956

    it looks ugly and can be needlessly distracting/disorienting for a lot of people, myself included. same with depth of field effects. it serves no real practical purpose outside of making certain animations involving high velocity look slightly prettier, or otherwise easier to animate.

    and considering their views on FoV, brightness settings, chase music, and so forth, you just know there'd be no option to disable it.

  • SammiieK1991SammiieK1991 Member Posts: 668

    Not that I've seen yet.

    But then I dunno what sort of changes you mean, he's pretty strong striking my bills knickers with his Carter perk anyway 😳 all depends what changes you mean and was hoping for. I personally think he's fine the way he is and still is up there with ghost face and Michael to go against.

  • kylerabdcgamer10kylerabdcgamer10 Member Posts: 245

    Very very great update, all that's needed now is further improved animations with transitions back, is there any info you can give on that? @DeathByGiggles btw cool to finally have another cool new community manager

  • Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 1,157

    revert charlotte's collision change.

    why did you shadow nerf the twins?

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