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PS4 - Can't see survivors auras on Coldwind when they're hooked

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Playing match on new Coldwind map and a survivor was hooked on a hill, I could not see their aura because of how bright the map is. Normally a survivor hooked that far away I would be able to see their aura, whether or not there were obstructions. Had I not been looking in the direction of where they were hooked I would not have seen them. If in a building with obstruction can see the aura, but outside with limited obstructions (like if they're on hill even though too far to actually see) will not see aura. I'm on ps4, crossplay off, and am not using any colorblind settings.

Steps to recreate

1. Play public match on ps4 crossplay off as a survivor on Coldwind map.

2. Have another survivor be hooked, preferably on hill.

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